Stepmother and stepdaughter

Marka lives in my neighborhood, for her 37 years she’s really pretty. She is 1.75 m tall. Her pale blond smooth, shoulder-length hair is often braided into a plait. She has a small well-proportioned face. Blue eyes wide, a narrow, delicate nose and a small mouth with thin, delicate lips. She has long slender legs, a wasp waist (no children) and for the rest of their character rather large breasts. Once at a village party stood around for the hell of a scale and we weighed all of us. So I know that she weighs just 49 kg. Marka was super character, despite their totally unsportsmanlike. Her husband cheated on her, from some inexplicable reason, constantly, and each knew it was not surprising that Marka put him one day before the door.

But it was not long before I was able to watch as more and more often during the day and evening, then at night, parked in an S-class Mercedes in the driveway outside her house and an elegant-looking man of about 42 years, and one went. Then it was after 1 year so far, Marka married him and moved in with her husband, with his daughter Ria.

Ria was just 18 she was wearing geworden.Da a fairly short dress, I could see her strong tanned legs almost to her hips. I was interested in the attic of my apartment when the two moved in to. Ria had round, tight calves, for which, however, when they moved to a lively game showed muscle. Her thighs were strong and full. Especially pronounced was their buttocks. It lifted the rock off sharply. You could see she was district champion in the 100 meters and long jump. Unlike her butt her bosom was barely developed. The only thing we saw were two small hills and nipples that have been emerging through the fabric. Her dress was cut backless and I saw their muscled backs. He also spotless brown. They liked it so 1.68 m tall and to weigh 60 kg.

I quickly realized that Marka and her step-daughter Ria did not understand. I often heard when windows are open the dispute between the two. I could hear that it involved the idleness and insolence of Ria, which probably did absolutely nothing in the budget. And it is incredibly excited to Marka. After just a few days, the battle lines were hardening between the two, and it came as it had. Occasion was a party that was given on the occasion of the entry. It was a brunch party, the summer took place on a Saturday.

Finally, the last guests were gone by 16 clock and Rias father brought a couple home and then wanted to talk directly with those still some business. Ria sat only a bikini top and boxer shorts on a lawn chair and had the ear plugs her Walkman in the ears and let it go well, while cleaning up her step-mother, who had only a bikini top on a white short mini skirt, under which one, if she bent down, could see a black string. I also saw me from literally the rage in Markas eyes and then it happened also.

Marka Ria pulled the plugs from the ears and literally screamed: “Come on you lazy, lousy piece of help, finally clearing up.” Ria went grumbling to clean up also with them. When it was done in half and Marka brought a tray with dishes into the house and had came back out Ria sat in a camping chair and gleefully drank lemonade. When she had turned off the glass just suddenly they got a slap in the face missed by her stepmother.

Ria jumped up excitedly and scolded her stepmother as a stupid cow. Marka fetched again, the blow caught the Ria now prepared with ease and used the momentum to her stepmother’s arm to turn on his back and forcing them to their knees. She sat on the back of her stepmother, kneeling, holding their arms pressed tightly to his back and gave her a strong Punch in the kidneys and Marka asked if she would like to clear up very alone. Pressed crunching between his teeth, confirmed that they would like to clean up Marka alone.

I saw how Ria sat grinning on the lawn, but Marka jumped hell-bent on Ria and Ria fell on his back, Marka about her, but quickly was Ria and then had Ria she had in a headlock in the scramble to Markas miniskirt opened and she stood there in the string, was surprised and Ria took it and sat on a swing handle and already they had Marka below him on the back; Ria sat on Markas stomach and had grabbed with one hand their wrists and on their head pressed firmly on the ground. With the other hand, she gave her hand to the back of each two slaps on each cheek, Markas head flew back and forth, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Ria went to Marka: “You bitch, shake your ass with my father so you can get around, not me, you whore, you bitch, I’ll show you what I will do and what not.” Her free hand she slipped on Markas abdomen, below the string, Marka she begged not to do it, but Ria stroked Markas pubis, the clitoris and twirling her fingers glide between Markas labia. “Hmmm, you’re hot bitch totally shaved. I knew what a horny slut you are.” Ria Markas rubbing clit and penetrated with two, then three fingers in pussy Markas, Marka squirmed with embarrassment and tried to free herself, but against the athletic Ria she had no chance.

She moaned and groaned, first because they fought and they did not like it, but grinning saw Ria how slowly permeated the lust against the opposition and the pussy was wet from Marka and smacking moving Ria their fingers in the pussy of Marka, deeper penetrated her, moaning louder and louder Marka. Now literally rode Ria Markas breasts and I was afraid they would ride to a pulp. However Ria then listened to ride on and to fuck her pussy with his fingers and said:

“From today I will never wash off or clean or do other stuff in the house. You’ll do anything, or I’ll beat your scrawny ass so many times that you no longer know whether you’re male or female.” With that, she stood up, raised her weary stepmother entirely by the hair and dragged her to a camp chair. There they sat down, took Marka on the neck and pulled her onto her legs. Then she pulled down her panties 37igjährigen stepmother! Her pure white rump glowing in the sun. Ria gave their victim with his left arm in place and began her right hand to spank her ass. The girl pounded hard and with every swing of Markas was red ass. She cried and cried. Her head hung down. When Ria was ready, she pushed Marka simply by her thighs and let them fall to the ground.

As Rias father again after 20 clock arrived home, found the garden tidy and perfect before the lawn was mowed. He praised his daughter and put her money too. Marka was boiling with rage, but her ass was still burning and they knew that they had against the very well-trained Ria but no chance. Time passed and Rias stepmother wanted revenge, she did not know that Ria has a lesbian streak and Marka only see this as nothing to her pleasure slave would be happy, but to enforce this they wanted to wait for the right time.

The party after the Marka of her step-daughter Ria had a lesson and get the bare ass spanking now had was one year old. Ria had really done nothing in the budget and Marka had to do everything, every now and then she had received a slap in the face of Ria and once again get his ass spanked. But she had gone into the gym and had been training, she was still wonderfully slim and looked amazing with her now 38 years. Through the training they had received too little muscle and weighed in at 1.75 meters but now 53 kg. Ria was now now 19, she was in full training and by perfectly trained.

Ria wanted Marka now finally to educate their mindless Sexgespielin. The opportunity was propitious, her father was 4 weeks on business travel in the U.S. and in the time they wanted to make her a sex slave Marka. For she had noticed in the lesson a year ago as her pretty wet stepmother had become. And she had to admit to myself, her step-mother and she liked it even better would you have liked it to. I strolled through the town when I saw Ria disappear in a sex shop.

Well, I sneaked behind and watched Ria. She bought handcuffs, whips, leather straps for the hands and feet, link chains, paddles, gags, dildos, strapons Virbratoren and 3. Her father had told me yesterday that he would from now embark on a multi-week business trip to the USA. I smiled because I could imagine what Ria had bought this “toy”.

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