Forced breeding …

My hands are shaking from sheer tension and expectation, just as I’m scurrying to knock off my desk clear up. Since lunch I always look back impatiently at the clock on the wall showing now ten to five. Once again I find myself, that my gaze falls on the clock, whose hands barely move forward. Prior to my eye wanders over the desk and the name tag with my name.

My name is Jennifer Wilson and I have little time, because my husband has her birthday today. I wonder what he probably thinks at this moment and I bet he has as much as I ever saw at the clock. I clean the last folder from my desk and still rapidly closing the drawer of the filing cabinet. Suddenly I am startled, jump almost out of my shoes, because it opens an office door behind me. Instinctively, I look behind me and know that it is only my boss is Susan. “I wish you a pleasant evening Jennifer,” Susan calls me a friendly and smiles at me. Of course, I reciprocate her smile and wish my boss is also a nice evening.

My hands are wet and clutching the steering wheel while I was driving along the road. While I am looking for the address, I’m trying to concentrate on the traffic. He told me that I should look for a pink building. After a bank branch, I can already see the sign would be. There it is -… The Motel “Flamingo” is immediately clear to me that this are not particularly noble address is, but that’s unimportant when I turn on the terrain, I see his car at the very end of the parking lot My own car, I park right next to his and then switch the engine off.

But before I get out, I pull down the visor and check critical of my makeup in the mirror. I quickly dab the few bright points, and from fresh to my lips with the blood-red lipstick, he looks so much like me. Last week at lunch he told me already that he put on my red lips naughty thoughts. Likewise, I have him for my toenails and fingernails manicured and polished and painted deep red. Exactly match the lipstick, this evening and the occasion. I quickly dab or two drops of his favorite perfume on my neck and I’m finally done with my preparations.

Now I step out of my car and the pencil-thin staccato paragraphs of my pumps the typical staple on the pavement when I walk around the car. Curious, I peer into his car, a long moment looking after the room number. He always writes the room number on a piece of paper and then submit it to the front seat. Immediately, I find the piece of paper and see that he is waiting in room number 17 on me.

I see looking at me and know that it is on the other side of the parking lot. He is very clever in these things. Immediately, I’m on my way out the door. It is not complete and I hear the click of the door lock. He stands in the room and smiles at me as I enter the room.

Back to the wall stands a table with a TV. Quickly, I put myself there and put my purse on it, meanwhile, he closes the door locked and the lock. Now I’m here and turn around to him. As always, I am totally fascinated by him. He is so big and looks outrageously good. I am a bolt of lightning struck at that time, I was alternately hot and cold – then – when I saw him for the first time.

He is slowly coming closer to me, smiling at me like a winner. When he stands before me, he put his arms around my waist and I stand on my toes, raise your head and sell it to my mouth to kiss. We kiss me tenderly and is hot and throbbing between my legs already. I’m semi-conscious, will damp rapidly, as his tongue explored my mouth. Oh yes, he is a wonderful kisser, but I break from the long kiss, to explain to him strangely become hoarse: “I only have one hour …”

He smiles at me thinking, pulls me towards him and pressed my body against his. His lips are pressed hard on my lips, he buries his tongue in my mouth. Almost one minute we kiss passionately. Still upset about the kiss I step back half a step and my hands already buttoning his shirt. He tried to kiss my neck when I told him roam the shirt off his shoulders.

Now he drops his pants, brushing quickly down the slip to me immediately afterwards to attract. His arms go around me, his hands fumble with my zipper. Again he kissed me on the mouth, as my dress from the shoulders and slips quietly rustling falls to the ground.

Again we kiss passionately. I feel his hands on my back, right on the closure of my bra. He tenderly kissed me, sucking me cute kisses put on my neck, my shoulders as he gently pushes me the support of the bra from her shoulders. Now he leans down to me. Far enough to bare my breasts in succession to take by mouth. The cup, he pushes aside.

His mouth is hot, looks forward to my erect nipples. My hands rummaging in love with his hair and pull his face into the moist valley between my breasts. Quickly, he moves his head to my other breast, his hands now trigger the closure of my bra, which falls silently to the ground shortly thereafter.

A moment later I feel his sharp teeth in my flesh, his head in my hands and watch him as he sucks like a baby at my teat. The feeling goes right through me. Overwhelmed by my emotions for a moment I lifted my head and then bend it back far into the neck – I moan with delight. Again, I look down and watch him and his tongue, which he sent to revolve around my nipple and swirling leaves.

A shudder seized me, I tremble all over, as he sits up, pushes me down and takes his hot hand in the Tangaslip. He kisses me deeply again, his hand gently stroking over my pubic mound. She goes deeper, his fingers sliding between my lips and I cringe at such an electric shock. Right away he finds my clit, his fingers can now bewitching and provocative gyrating slowly over him. He makes me crazy with it. Will he bring me some right here on the spot for a first orgasm …?

He kisses me again, I’m like great, I suck on his tongue firmly excited and moaning, while his finger slides between my lips and gently stroking, pushing my clitoris. It is unbearably beautiful, what is he doing with me and I push it from me, redeem me from him. Far enough that his hand slips out of my pants. Now I’m at the range, reach into his panties and rub it down from his hips.

Already mad keen on it, I’m now slowly in front of him to his knees and stripe down his briefs with his nervous, fidgety hands. When I lifted the elastic waistband of his manhood, his huge jumps me, imposing massive phallus meet formally. I help him to quickly get out of the slip, now his tail is right under my nose. How great he is and how beautiful. I almost drop the eyeballs from their sockets and I must gasp involuntarily, in view of this magnificent monster.

Completely fascinated by this sight, I take his penis in my hand feel like it electrified him in throbs and twitches when I enclose the shaft gently with your hand. Now I lift myself up to him to him again offer my mouth to kiss. We kiss deeply before I again let myself sink down to enclose with his right hand the giant scrotum. His balls are big and plump as ripe walnuts and it feels fantastic to hold them in your hand.

Well for him I’m clearly visibly excited by the Left continues its splendid stem stroke. My face is less than an inch away from him. It is simply impossible to enclose these enormously heavy spear with my hand. But my dainty, slender white fingers with the blood red painted nails and do her best as well as they nestle around the thick shaft.

I have to touch it, lean forward and dab a tender kiss on the silky head of this magnificent lance. Then I look up at him, stare at him nervously as he told me his hand on the head. With a strange, almost cruel smile, he now looks down on me. Apparently he expected of me that I continue to stimulate his penis with my fingers. Maybe because he wants to feel the golden wedding ring on his penis, which adorns my ring finger. I really wonder what he thinks at this moment well, when he sees me like this.

Here I am – a young, blond, almost thirty-two wife and mother – the kneeling naked in a cheap hotel room in front of him. In front of a tall, handsome colored kneels, just waiting, that I take his massive cock in her mouth Negro. As if that were not enough, just today my husband is celebrating his fiftieth birthday. And at home there for the occasion tonight for a big family celebration.

My husband adores me, call me sometimes his “trophy” because he still can not quite believe that I did, – have got married four years ago, but now we call and two children – the so-much older. to a large house our own. My husband is a senior employee of a large company. In my mind I am still with my husband, while my mouth was already inexorably approaching the huge dick, erect stiff, steep rises up before me.

I accept the tender glans dab between my lips, my tongue gently into the top notch cute to taste the flavor. Become more courageous I lick the glans, it umschmiege with my tongue. Then I take the last acorn in his mouth and my head starts to move slowly back and forth. The stem is quite get into the mouth impossible. But I try as much as possible to get it into his mouth. His hand is on my head, controlling me and I move my head now to the rhythm, he pretends to me. His cock in my mouth, I heard him moan softly. He encouraged me to take because his shaft deeper into my mouth.

His hand on my head is now attacking me in their hair, they now control my head vigorously. Yet he is still very gentle with me, much too gentle. I did not come as a loving wife to be treated as by my husband as a “trophy”. I’ve known well enough, I want him to treat me than what I am, his whore. I want him rude to me, is -. dominates me that afternoon I will be his whore.

Suddenly I have to cough, it is too much for me, the massive body dissolves in my mouth a gag reflex. And I’m not even swallow the tail in half and he is apparently firmly in my throat. I look up at him anxiously. I still have his cock still in her mouth, but now I see him imploringly. Now he grabs my head, pulling me close to him. For a moment, panic seized me.

At least he now speaks not as friendly with me, but imperious, commanding. “Come on – I want to see how you swallow it …!” His hands grasp now almost brutal in my hair, it does hurt a little now when he used my head firmly in a position forced, so I can more swallow of his tail. For a moment I pause, yet he draws me irresistibly closer to him. Overwhelmed, I close my eyes, forcing me literally to him deeper into me record. At last his body slips deeper into my throat. I can clearly feel the head pushing against my tonsils. I think it is going to suffocate them until he loosens his hard access and I still am allowed to pull back slightly.

I get a coughing fit, look back up at him pleadingly. But he holds my head and I can not escape him. He wants it, and I have no alternative but to swallow his cock again. But this time I’ll open my eyes. He pushes his thing in his mouth, gently, but almost irresistible. Deep – deeper, until he reached the back of my throat. Arrogant smile, he looks down at me.

“Yeah – now you have ‘s out, you whore …!”, he growls at me triumphantly, in a hoarse voice,” go … but … You remember well remember what I promised you! ? have, or not … I make you my Privathure, ‘I told you – or not …?” Although I have a monster in his mouth, I try to nod submissively. “You do not listen to it until I tell you that you should stop, get it …? Again I nodded submissively and give me any trouble now is to get him well.

My throat, my mouth produce obscene noises I had never before heard so, meanwhile I continue merrily him a blow. We see ourselves in the eyes hold unswervingly to each other eye contact. He loves me so submissive kneel before him to see, moaning louder now, always consensual. Enjoying the scene, he observed me, and his tail, which is encircled by my lips. But it allows me now, pull me back to almost completely, only to my face once again to draw closer to the approach. For several minutes he can now indulge me in this way. Finally, he gently pushed my head back, my mouth is the beautiful, massive phallus released only very reluctantly.

His hands still hold my head very close with him, but now force me back to look up to meet our gaze. “Make the mouth wide open for me, – and Carry. …”, To your eyes, he tells me rauheiser My eyes are closed now, I guess already that I had my mouth open wide enough, but he shaking my head “Still further, -. well, go – do – your mouth ‘out, make’ on you whore – as far as you can on …!”

Of course I obey and open my mouth a little bit more. Only a few seconds later I feel like I will be a big lump of spit saliva into the throat. It makes me gag and I will instinctively turn my head. But his hands hold my head rigidly, shake him and I hear him hiss dangerous: “gulp” it down, you fucking whore …!”

I almost start to cry, try not to think about what he has just done with me and what I’ve swallowed. The feeling in my throat to be disgusting and is a fairly thick clumps, but finally I manage to swallow it down. After that, I’m even somewhat proud of my performance. But he brings my head back in the same humiliating position, then he tells me gruffly: “mouth …!”

Nervous and totally confused now I’m starting to really cry. He does not care that my tears run down her cheeks, and I tremble like an aspen volume. I do not like what he does with me, but I’m not against him arise and open my mouth while I close my eyes and trembling, expecting every moment a new lump of saliva. Like a fever, sick little girl, I whimper helplessly exposed to his whims and his will. To have the way he holds my head.

It seems to take forever, I kneel before him with his mouth wide open and waiting to me again that he spit his saliva into his mouth. Eventually, I tear open my eyes and almost frightened to death, before that I see something now. He purses his lips and between his lips seems a mighty bubble of saliva that dissolves with a thread of spittle from his lips and accurately drops dripping into my mouth. Stunned, I start to cry harder, as his gift dripping on my tongue. This time, the saliva even larger lumps than the first time before I can think about what happens to me, I swallow the lump of nasty down quickly.

He seems however to be content with himself and his deed, pats my cheek and speaks condescendingly to me: “Good girl, a. ..” It has come with me, thy praise be filled me with pride Thankfully I see him. . Obviously, he may already have everything to do with me – he can have all of me …

Now he grabs me, I can finally get up and put me on my feet. He helps me, holding me when I almost lose my balance because I’m still unsure on my high heels. Now I am rewarded, he draws me close to him, wraps his arms around me and pressed his lips on my eager mouth. His tongue enters my mouth, stirs it vigorously. I can not help it, I already belong to him and he knows it. Groaning, I surrender myself to him, literally capitulate and reciprocate the passionate kiss that he gives me. Then his hand reaches under my chin and lifts my view to be his. Vividly he looks at me quizzically. My eyes are riveted on as his.

“. Do you want to still have my tail …?” What a question arise I nod, trying to smile and replies softly.” Yes, I want him to – you know why I have come to you ” He laughs, pleased. Looks to me superior. His voice sounds threatening, as he asked me: “Have you also done what I asked of you …?” His left hand is on my mind, is his right under my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye .

I will alternate between hot and cold, it goes through me like a wave. Constantly viewing it, I breathe just shy nod, move my stammering response that will seal my fate. “Yes, yes – yes, – I, – I have done what you wanted …!” He laughs just arrogant, half-nods, satisfied grunting loudly as he tells me.” Then proof it me you whore .. .! ” Nervously Watching the television, which is next to my bag, I turn to him and too shy to declare: “There, – I, – I have in my pocket …”

He frees me, tells me more conciliatory. “OK – show’s me – now please …” He lets me go and I put myself unsure of the table where my bag is quickly do I open the bag, but he followed me and I want to see now. located in a side pocket, the want to see what he, as I only really know. I’ll get out there and show it to him. There is a small cardboard box, I will see it and I him with an outstretched arm, then hand over.

Like a school girl who has not done his homework, I’m nervous on my place. I step from one foot to the other, watching him intently as he curiously opened the box and pulls the blister with my birth control pills out. He is very accurate in it, twisting and turning the blisters, checks the expiration date on the carton and compares it with the blister. Since the package is opened, it begins to count the small, white pills …

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