The two faces of Sophia Loren

It was mid-80s when I worked in Munich in the most prestigious hotels as Hotel Manager. Celebrities from all over the world gave themselves a rendezvous with us in the house, whether state guests, rock stars, national or international movie stars, they were all at our welcome guests. They all felt good because we tried to make them as comfortable as possible, because each of us no matter how unusual request was implemented because Discreet and never came the following phrases on our lips:

“You can not!” – “We can not!” – “It does not exist!”

Every Wednesday morning at 10 clock was in my office instead of a brief consultation with my colleagues when it came to which guests were expected in the coming days and what it all was to organize: Employees who oversaw what guests like the room to receive should be designed so

An ordinary weekend ahead of us. There were no major events planned in Munich. The only exception was an application of Sophia Loren, who wanted to come to Munich to get a little familiar with the locations of their upcoming new movie familiar.

The special thing about this visit was that you came alone – no manager, no family, no bodyguards – that has always made it so when incorporating them into a role, at least they told it. The reality was – as soon as I could find – but very different.

“I’ll take care of our own movie star.” I announced at a specially convened briefing. “Then one can also make the people free who were in the past few weeks, every spare moment here.”

The employees were very happy about it because their time was always tight and a free weekend and was something very special.

I read so bring flowers to her room and put a bottle of chilled champagne. I wanted to drop off her personally then later that night. I also wanted to introduce myself and tell her that I had for the next few days for them personally.

Checked against 18 clock them on our clock and against 20 they read a little something from the kitchen to bring to her room. I ran 21.30 against clock from the reception to call me to be advised for 22 clock. She confirmed the appointment, and so I made myself a short time before with the chilled bottle of champagne and two glasses on the way to you.

I rang her suite and she opened the door. I was gone for almost the air when I saw her. She wore a green silk dress with a very daring neckline. The dress was very relaxed but so that her horny ass was also shown to advantage. Since under this kind of silk dress everything emerges, I could see that she wore nothing underneath.

I had pushed my trolley to the living room. Now I introduced myself and told her that I had for the next few days her personal representative if they would wish. While I told her everything, she looked at me closely. I also looked again at me now very closely, taking I noticed that her nipples were stiff.

“It’s cool!” I thought to myself. “Before me is Sophia Loren with stiff nipples and wants to be fucked!”

With this observation, I could not prevent it, of course, that my cock slowly but surely sets up, and came in my pants a large tent.

When Sophia realized how much they caught me, she could not suppress a smile. I had finished my presentation, then opened the champagne bottle and filled the two glasses. I gave her one and kept the other in his own hands.

“Mrs. Loren,” I said, “Once again, welcome in Munich and of course with us, we hope that they will spend a nice time here with us.”

We raised our glasses and drank a sip. She put the glass down and came up to me.

“How beautiful is my stay here,” Sophia said to me, “depends on how good you fuck me can!”

She grabbed at my stiff cock. I put down my glass and grabbed on to her nipples and pulled her toward me. Sophia moaned.

“Yes, take my tits ran hard, I like it very much if you squeezed my nipple and pull!”

“But before I do that, you’ll blow me only one!” I said to her and hugged her in front of me on the knee.

She opened my pants and pulled them along with his underpants down. My clapped her tail like a whip against your face. She grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth.

“Jaaaaaahhhh,” I moaned, “take it properly before you, Sophia!”

She blew me and jerked as if she never would have done something else. It was amazing! But before I had to hose down, I withdrew her tail again, pulled it up to me and kissed her once properly. And I pushed the straps of her dress to the side so that it could fall to the ground.

Now I kneaded her tits and pulled her through to the next chair, while I squeezed her nipples hard and twisted.

“Come on, bend over the back!” I said to her. “And present me your ass!”

Sophia leaned over the chair and held out her ass. I knelt down behind her and spread her ass cheeks. I licked her pussy so long until her asshole until she had her first orgasm. Then I stood up and pushed my cock in the pussy and my thumb in the ass.

“Jaaaaaaaaaa” moaned Sophia, “I ran, take it! Ram me off your hot cock in the pussy! Hard, my stallion, show me! Me To Ride!”

Now I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stuck it to her instead in the ass.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh, you’re a horny goat!” she moaned. “You make me ready, jaaaaaaa, I’m coming back, hohhhhhhhhh jaaaaaaaa, blow on!”

Now I was so far and sprayed my entire load into her ass. Once my cock was stiff herausgeglitten half out of her ass, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the bedroom. There I threw her on the bed. Horny she looked as she lay there with her strapless stockings, high heels and her big tits, which were perched on her nipples still stiff. Now I climbed onto the bed and sat down on her stomach. I grabbed her nipples and squeezed her tits together so that a furrow was made for my cock. I pressed my cock into the furrow and began to fuck her tits. Simultaneously pushed and pulled me on to her nipples.

“Yeahhhh,” she moaned, “that’s good, keep it up!”

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue so she could always go back on my tail. I was so horny that I told her after a few minutes my whole juice squirted into his face.

Now we both needed a few minutes of rest. I brought us the champagne from the living room. After we had both been drinking two glasses, I pulled her towards me and kissed her again. Then I squeezed her tits together and began licking and biting her nipples until they moan. Piece by piece until I kissed and licked at her cunt before, which I then undertook once again properly. Sophia moaned and enjoyed it to be so spoiled by me. My cock was again in the meantime. I took Sophia now up to me, so she could ride me while I worked her tits. We got right to a climax and I splashed my juice deep into your cunt. Sophia slept well packaged in my arms.

After half an hour I withdrew myself to it, got dressed and left her room. Also, I finally took a little sleep, so the next morning I could be fit.

There were unforgettable days, for Sophia and I fucked every night, and when she was a few months later came for her film to Munich, we repeated the whole again.

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