The swimming pool

Should be on the day when my fantasy reality I was eight. What can I say, but I knew somehow that I’m on men, but I had never dared to be active in that direction. Women had I, although I do not have much interest in sex with them, some, it did stop, so you do not notice. Since the women were very interested in me, not least because I am going to swim four times a week and have an appropriately trained body, I had sufficient choice. Also, I was rather shy and even that seemed to please many women.

The small swimming pool that I visit regularly was mainly frequented by athletes, especially in the evening were families or recreational swimmers rarely.

I admired the bodies of the men there. Of course, my view was often on their trunks, and the sight of some bulging trousers gave me later arousing fantasies weights.

On that day I went to swim until relatively late to the locker room was as empty as the showers. I placed myself in one of the “double showers,” two showers were always separated by a small wall of the next, and soaped me.

When I entered the pool area, only two other people were there. An elderly woman and a young blond man, I guessed him to twenty-five, who swam his laps. I had the man so often seen here and in my imagination a lot more often. Sometimes there were two friends with him, but mostly he was alone. I knew that his name is Tom, because I once accidentally overheard a conversation between the three men.

I began to swim my tracks and just threw a shy glance now and then over to Tom. He had a boyish-manly face, that was practically flawless and bright blue eyes. I had admired his toned body many times.

After I had completed my stint swimming, I sat on the edge of the pool and pretended I panted, but I actually looked furtively over to Tom, who sat apart on a bench and not paid attention to me. I could see his Badeslip was well filled. I wanted to touch Tom, to feel his muscles and to take his hard manhood in her hand. Then someone else took my attention.

A man walked into the pool hall and looked around. He did not look right, like a swimmer, it was too muscular. His arms were thicker than my legs, although he was about my size. His chest was covered with short dark hair evenly. His black hair was cut short and curved around the mouth chin beard gave him a male, striking looks. His eyes fell first on Tom, he let his eyes wander further and discovered me. It seemed to me that he looked at me closely, but I turned my eyes away quickly when I looked up again the stranger was already in the pool.

Tom went back into the pool now. I did not swim anymore, I wanted to go home and get me down at the thought of these two men one. I struggled my cock not already be stiff to make, but I succeeded only partially.

I went along on the pool deck to the dressing rooms, when suddenly the stranger next to me gushed out of the water. I got splashed a little. The stranger put his muscular arms on the edge of the pool and gave me a smug grin, “Oh sorry, have become a bit damp.” I could only stammer something like, “That’s okay ..” and smiled sheepishly. As I walked I could feel his eyes on my back and thought he heard as he stepped out of the water, but I did not dare to look around me.

I entered the shower room, took my shower gel from the shelf and slipped into one of the rear showers. I turned on the water and I took off my bathing suit. My cock was stiff from vertical. I was probably no other choice than to me immediately abzuwichsen one. Then I felt a tingling in the neck, someone was standing behind me. Because of my stand, I wanted to turn around but not turned his head, a muscular stranger smiled at me and asked: “Is this still available?”

“Sure …”, I stammered nervously.

The whole thing was embarrassing to me twice, once because I stand here with standing around and then I also had a problem with my tail, because it is quite large, and often covered their eyes on him when I shower with other men, which confused me quite . I tried desperately to think of things less exciting, but the idea that only a few inches away from me rattled the water on the muscular body of the stranger always excited me more.

I had not even noticed that my shower had turned itself off automatically entzwischend again, it only occurred to me, and went out the second shower. Then the stranger said: “Hi, I’m Karl shower gel you have something for me.” I pulled myself together, my cock was in shock but had shrunk to almost normal size, so I could turn around and handed him my shower gel. “Can you rub me on the back?” Asked Karl and turned around.

I looked at the broad back and muscular butt cheeks of the guy. I pressed a little gel on my hand and began slowly rubbing the back of Charles. I got a rock hard erection, Karl suddenly grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me closer, my stiff cock pushed his butt. He grabbed my dick and put it into the gap between his butt cheeks. I was completely surprised and did not know what to do. Karl spat on his hand, reached back to back and rubbed my cock. Then again, he directed my cock between his butt cheeks, leaned forward and pushed his hips back slowly.

I gasped, shocked, just felt a resistance, but then my cock slowly penetrated into the narrow hole, while Charles moved his hips against me, then my tail was up to his approach in his ass. I sighed, asked me if I would dream about, but Charles moved his hips back and panting before now, had repeatedly impaled by my cock. He covered my hips and pulled me closer. “Come on, come fuck me! You have such an awesome big part,” he gasped.

I began to move me, pushed again into the muscular ass. It was not long before I came. “I come, I am coming” I yelled loudly. The guy pulled over me and pushed me against the ass at the same time, so that my cock was deep in his gut as my cum spurted out in several stages, I had never been so strong. Panting, I was half lying on Karl.


This raised himself, with a plop my tail popped out of his ass, followed by a torrent of sperm. “My turn,” said Karl, and only turned around. His steel-hard cock came in my ass.

I was always excited, so that my cock had become a little smaller, the feeling that stiff cock in my ass geilt me ​​on even more now. However, I was pretty insecure. “I’ve never done something like that,” I said meekly. “I thought to myself, just relax.” That was easier said than done, but there was no turning back to me. He spits on my ass and pushed a finger into me. “I’m going to miss your first fuck.” He rubbed his cock with spit and placed him on my ass. “So boy, I’m ready.”

With short bursts, he penetrated me, at first it hurt a little, then I enjoyed the Gefühl.Karl fucked me almost half an hour with hard, low shots. I enjoyed it, “taken” to be, especially since Karl while stroking my cock. Shortly before he arrived, Karl pulled his cock out and squirted me then my ass cheeks full, I came again, my juice splashed against the tiled wall. Then suddenly I heard a new voice: “It’s my turn.”

I turned around and saw Tom, who positioned himself behind me and rubbed his cock in my ass cum-smeared. Karl took a step sideways. Before I could say something Tom came into me. I felt strongly that Tom’s cock a bit longer and thicker than that of Karl was. Which my hottest fantasy had become reality.

Still, I had already hosed twice, my cock was stiff again. With fast, powerful shock to Tom hilarious to me. After a while Charles was beside me and gave me his cock challenging his face. I opened my mouth and pushed me into Karl’s still cum smeared cock. So it came that I was fucked from the front and rear. Tom pulled his cock out of me always, then came back too hard. I was in seventh heaven. When Tom then loudly panting shot his juice into me, groaning from Karl squirted in my mouth and I swallowed his man juice. Tom’s cock slipped from my fucked ass. Karl pulled me close, looked me in the eyes, then he kissed me. While Tom gave me a slap on the ass and said, “You fellow, a good fuck I had long gone.”

We drove all three that night to Tom, who took me two more times that night while I was fucking Karl. We have now taken more often. Once it was time that the normally active only Tom wanted to let him fuck me but that’s another story.

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