The dominant son, 03

The first friend

Erika was the kitchen and it was still trying to fry the schnitzel, the fries were still in the oven, but finish. She listened as her son Mark came home and went to his room. Erika took off her dress, put it on one of the kitchen chairs. Even her bra and panties she put it. She took the steak from the pan and put it on your plate, even the fries with that, out of the oven. Erika took the tray and left, naked as she wanted her son up to his room.

She pushed the door gently, and entered the room, her son was, as he usually did at the head of his bed. Erika went to him and handed him the tray. Mark looked over at his mother, “You see, I’ve told it to you yet.”

Erika turns around and saw Stefan, who was sitting in the chair beside the door, “Yes Mark, rather have your mother looks really cool.”

Erika startled and recoiled, she held her right hand in front of her shame and with the left she tried to remember her breasts. She looked at her son, but he said only, “Take down your hands, how is the Stefan see everything else.”

Erika looked at her son and wanted to speak again, but Mark’s view they could not get to meet. Mark began to eat his fries, “Get closer to him, he is supposed to see everything exactly.”

Erika looked at her son, but she did not care what they say, he would have his own way. She went up two steps on Stefan and saw how they looked. Stefan looked at her up and down, without letting his eyes off her, “May I, Mark.”

Erika looked at Stephen, and she guessed that her son is already saying, “Stefan, as promised to cross.”

Stefan got up and went to Erika ran, raised his hand and his fingers touched the breasts of Erika. Erika stepped back a bit, but Stefan’s hand reached her breast and grabbed her. She felt his fingers pressed into her chest, Stefan always hugged, “Aue not as Doll.”

Stefan also took his other hand and grabbed the second breast, his pressure was somewhat less. It was not pleasant, but Erica’s nipples were hard. “Your mother is really ne geile,” Stefan look to Erika over to Mark.

“Have I told you, you cross on the pussy and you will see she is horny wet and willing.”

Without waiting long, reaching to Stefan, his hand went into her lap and his finger stormed their shame. His untrained fingers ran between her labia and even without knowing where they rubbed hinsollten they also Erika’s clitoris. And although Erika would prefer sunk into the ground with shame, by the same ground floor to the basement in a dark corner where they could hide. But she realized that her son was right, that she was wet. Probably be groped by the humiliation of a friend of her son, than from the bad finger.

Erika heard the voice of her son, “Go sit down, Stefan.”

Stefan sat back in his chair, “Well open it out of his pants and get his tail.”

Erika hesitated, “Los’m on my knees and take care of you at last to his tail.”

Obeyed his mother, she went on her knees and leaned forward. Only slowly and opened the Jens, they moved down with the same shirt and boxers, Erika jumped towards a semi-rigid tail. Even if her son had not said it, Erika knew what they should do now, they knew how to behave as a good wife should.

Erika took the cock in his hand and stroked him, caught him wanking to them are bent and down the acorn in his mouth. Her lips covered the tail, ran her tongue around the glans, the tail would be even bigger and Steffan groaned. Erika began massaging the shaft with her lips, while the penis deep into her throat drilled over and over again. The tail of Steffan was slightly smaller than the Magnificent tail of her son. Erika’s head was moving faster and faster up and down.

Mark rose from his bed and knelt behind his mother, his hand went over Erika’s ass. Mark reached out and ran his hand twice on her ass crack, “Go you horny piece of sucking the dick hard.”

Mark opened his pants his hand grasped his tail, which was already swollen to very large. He brought him to his goal and joined with two hard knocks penetrated the limb into the vagina of his mother. Erika would be pressed against Stefan and had trouble keeping its tail in its mouth.

Mark began to fuck his mother with strong shocks, and each time he met Erika on the tail of Stefan. He groans already, his cock buried itself again and again deep throat him before. Mark was getting wilder and rammed his cock deep drilled in the cunt of his mother, the shock at every even on the cock in her mouth.

This went on for a long moment and thought Erika had her come to no longer breathe. The two cocks stuffed her full of holes, and her son are stopped at once and read from it. He went back to his bed and lay down on the head. His upper body was leaning against the wall, “Come forth and sucking my cock now, Steffan will fuck you too.”

Erika read Stefan’s cock slip from her mouth, she obediently sucked more than her son desisted from her. Now she crawled on all fours to the bed and mounted it on foot. Her son spread his legs and Erika could until his cock in front crawl, to take him right into her mouth. They already knew how her son liked it and tried to cock it went so deep into her throat to get.

“Come Stef, now you can fuck her from behind so correct,” Mark grinned at his friend. And the left do not ask twice. He quickly knelt behind Erika, lifted her hips a little so that it beautifully on all fours between the two guys had. Stefan led his column towards the tail and spread it as his lips to let the oak, yet rather shy. Not nearly as hard as her son fucked by Erika. This also marks also fell, “Go fuck it right, that’s not your girlfriend can do what the fuck hole off.”

It was Erika, their son and tears formed in her eyes in shame as they fuck by two guys here read, from lack of air, or because she was really wet. At the first shock of her son her column was still dry, but now it was wet and ran out.

But Erika should get no pleasure. She noticed that Mark’s cock began to twitch, which was the clear sign that he would come and shoot his sperm would like. But Mark wanted to show his friend that his mother’s cunt ne real, “even pulling her head back by her hair,” he gave orders. And his friend did him a favor. Stefan grabbed the long hair of Erika and pulled down her head from tail. Mark took his hand with the last movements and then injects its cargo across her face. About the nose up high to Erika’s forehead was the first shot, the second had deviations and met Erika’s left cheek, the last remaining, went on her lips and her mouth still open. She tasted the salty cum.

“Push her down so she can lick my cock clean,” suggested to Mark with his free hand, that her head was down. Stefan pushed Erica’s head forward and her lips close to the tip of the tail and suck Erika. Did in the wild Fickbewegungen Stefan, Erika, he moved back slightly and with a loud smack, the tail broke from her lips.

This was the last bit of what Stefan wanted to come and he poured himself into the wet cunt of Erika, with three hard low shots he pumped his sperm into her pure. Before he dropped back and knelt as easily exhaustible.

Stefan looked slightly embarrassed to Mark, “Can your mother lick my cock clean?”

Mark laughed, “You heard him, let him make clean, to lick the filth”.

Erika turned around on all fours, to bow down or slightly forward and took the already slightly limp dick in his mouth. She sucked with all his might, the sperm tasted funny, a bit stale. The sound of the slide out was much louder than before.

Mark was the first of the moved and rose from bed, he grabbed his pants and dressed again. Erika looked up at him, “Can I go?”.

Mark just waved him toward the door and hurried away to get Erika, on the ground they could still hear his friend Mark asked, “Why did you like it?”.

The response from Stefan did not hear them anymore, but she could imagine that he liked it. Erika disappeared into the bathroom and ran into the shower, the water ran down to her by her face and swam away traces of sperm that slowly ran down her body. She was still horny and had not come to the fucking. Erika’s hand slid into her shot and she really only wanted to clean up. But when her fingers touched her column. Was it done quickly, Erika came and even though it came quickly, but the orgasm was intense and she would have to hold on, otherwise they would be broken in the shower together.

Irrigated after the Erika had to end and want to go with a bathrobe in the kitchen where her clothes lay still. Saw her briefly in her son’s room, Stefan had gone well and Mark was sitting at his desk, he made his home abandonment. Abi was not far away. This also happened on Monday not much more.

The first cleaning

The Tuesday morning passed quickly, too quickly for Erika, as they should determine. Mark came home after two clock. And his mother was in the living room, “Hi Mom, the school was so tiring today. I have to react only once. Go up and clean your ass, I will come in your ass, make him clean.”

“Mark, Aunt Louise comes in three quarters of an hour, which do not have as much time,” Erika hoped that it would dissuade her son from it.

“Then you should hurry, I do not, you can also right here in your fucking ass, but you did the last time around, it hurt for hurt,” Mark looked at his mother and grinned slightly.

Erika got up and went off, “I will hurry me princes and layers.”

Erika had reached the stairs in front of Mark, her son came up behind her, “If your ass and I’m already a hard, when I think about it like to ram into it.”

Erika almost ran up the stairs, down the hall to her bedroom to her little dessert, where they had hidden the purchase. Erika opened the drawer, pulled the few things forward and wanted to get behind the things from the sex shop, but there was nothing!

You heard Mark, behind the door, “Because you do not find, the things I’ve taken to me, interesting that you were totally there at the shop.”

Erika turned around, Mark held the tube in which she sought the hand. His mother did not take long for them to accept themselves and go to the bathroom. She quickly pulled off her skirt and took the Tube, the pictures on her made it easy for her to know the right application. Erika took over the tip and screwed it on the tube. With a slight jerk, she pressed the tip into her anus and then on the tube until they could feel the fluid in your intestines. After she had the tube again and cleaned out, Erika looked after me, he should take 5minutes until it worked. They could use the time, Erika took off her blouse, and washed. Her breasts, which responded quickly and were hard, the flesh was firm and the nipples stood on end. With the washcloth she glided through her vagina and she had assumed was already formed stubble. Quickly she reached for her razor. Erika sat with legs wide open on the toilet and even fast once shaved over their Schammbereicht. Since she already felt a pressing and as she relaxed and it came to read it. Even more quickly wiped clean once and she went off to her son’s room.

Mark stood in the middle of his room, his pants open and his house was semi-rigid member stood out to me, “Go down and suck my cock hard …”

Erika paused, “this can not be .. he says so simply,” they remained in their thoughts.

“Come on hurry up dear, my aunt is like.” Mark stuck his cock in Erika’s direction.

She went to her son, sank down on her knees and Mark pushed him immediately in her mouth. His semi-hard cock slipped through her lips and her tongue up into her throat. Erika immediately started to suck, they sucked and he firmly swelled more and turn deeper into her throat. Mark had his cock deep just stuck it to his mother until she got no more air and pulled her head back. He grabbed her head and pushed it to his desk. Erika sits up and leaned on his desk. Mark stood behind her, pushed her legs apart. Erika felt like something was pressed against her asshole slippery. Then a little way into it, it was unusual for them they have never had such a thing, use as lubricant. But Mark was so nice and did not make it Painful as an emergency does.

Her son put his dick in her anus and pushed, Erika screamed. But half of his tail it was already her and the second shock, the rest was inside. Mark began at once quickly and continue to fuck hard. Erika beautified and yelled something out in pain, again and again she pushed against the desk.

“Ah .. not so Mark Doll, you’re hurting me ..,” Erika looked over her shoulder at her son and knew that he will take that into consideration.

Mark it really matter if it hurt her, “still being, we have no time ..”

And as Mark had said it, it does not take long. After several knocks, he came and squirt his semen deep into Erika intestine. He pulled his cock from the tight rosette and pushed his mother down on the floor, “Come on hurry up, Aunt Louise is right, suck my cock clean.”

Erika fell on their knees and the semi-stiff cock, her son go, even right in front of her face. Mark stuck out his pelvis, Erika had to leave to make almost no way out of her mouth and glide on the tail. There was nothing on him brown, but still it tasted slightly, by their droppings. Mark had indeed forgo a condom, at least he had some lube using. Erika place to suck on the tail, the idea that Louise is repressed, the disgust of their feces.

Mark and Erica’s lips drew back followed him as far as she could, she steadied herself on the hands, so they did not fall. Mark motioned toward the door, “Come on, pull yourself up again quickly, the little red dress. I’m going to do well and then come right away. ”

Erika got up and went into the bedroom, she opened the closet and took out the red dress. She slipped and pulled it high over his shoulder. Erika unbuttoned a few buttons on the front of the dress closed. Then she heard the bell even be that needed to Aunt Louise.

Erika went through the upstairs hallway, passing on her son’s room and then down the stairs directly to the front door to. Since Mark came up behind her, he pressed his mother to go the front door. He turned to Erika and slipped a hand down between her legs. Erika could thus not easily see what it was, but a second later she could feel something in her vagina, “Mark what’s this?”

“Its Better still, Aunt Louise is at the door they can hear you, that’s the vibrato you have bought, I think you should wear it in your cunt,” Mark put his hand higher and the pressures between Vib, Erika ‘s lips and deeper into it. Erika bit her on her lips, not to moan. Her vagina was not very wet, and the penetration hurt anything.

But Mark pressed harder and Vib disappeared into Erika’s cunt. Mark took her hand away, turned to his mother and opened the door, “Hello dear aunt, that you’re nice here. We look forward to your visit. ”

Erika smiled, “Hello Louise,” but were only to thank her, “he has the remote”.

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