Slave Nicole

Hello gentle reader,

this is my first story.

It is pure fantasy and should not and must never become a reality.

I’m looking forward to constructive criticism, as well as on ideas for a sequel.

This work does not claim to be a literary masterpiece.

Need to accomplish something else.

This story is just chat!

Slave Nicole

My name is Nicole, I am 165 tall, slim but with the right curves at the right place. At the beginning of this story I was 19 years old and worked as a cashier at a utility block. My job was not paid when customers have their electricity bill and also stretch reminders had no success, disconnect the electric meter and again only after receipt of the balance due once again to clamp.

It was about two years ago, we usually always worked in pairs, because our customers did not respond always very friendly if the lock decency.

But on this day, my colleague had called in sick so I was traveling alone.

It was on that day stood still on the block in a well-known brothel. But I was determined to “my man” to stand and resolve the matter alone. But then what proved to be a big mistake.

The brothel was located outside the city and was housed in a magnificent Willa.

Typical, I thought even as I approached the building, to make thick pants but no money to pay the electricity bill.

With the tool bag in hand, and then something with a sick feeling in your stomach, I rang around 13:00 clock on the massive door.

I was surprised that the door was opened so quickly, but I expected that at this time no one would work there.

It opened a large, well-built woman I’ve kept for about 25 years.

Surprised and a little suspicious to me looked slightly dressed woman and asked, “well what do you want the baby here.” “My name is Nicole Schroeder, I come to the pending energy bill to collect.” “The best way to bring me to your leader.”

I asked myself with ostentatious self-confidence.

“Well, you’re nervous, but small, then come with me.” The woman teetered on her high heels its 12 cm in front of me. Otherwise, they only wore a black mini just the crunchy enough on her butt and her considerable, but not unnatural bust-hugging red bra. We went through a large and populated by a couple of men entrance hall, where some were glass display cases in which I could see naked female dolls.

A man threw a coin into one of the showcases and in the interior could be seen as the Pupe being fucked by a dildo. I squirmed as embarrassed, but still thought that the doll look very lifelike. When you leave the hall was then also still listen to this scene belongs to the moans. We walked right on past a grand staircase into a hallway leading into the rear of the house.

Before an elegant wooden door we stopped, “oh baby do you want really to my boss?” I asked the woman even with a mocking grin, and I did not respond further they pressed a bell next to the door and said that they would then probably I look after myself properly in order to wait until it was opened and then ask for Mr. Stein. Then she teetered with the butt wiggling them.

She was barely gone when the door opened and my breath away, a woman appeared out of the high heels and some “jewels” in the body was wearing nothing.

Mesmerized, I stared at the bizarre phenomenon. Her entire body was completely hairless. And her breasts looked like inflated balloons, tight and fell to the otherwise great for petite girls. As I learned later it was also just turned nineteen. Her nipples were off sharply and were moist on the atria were mounted rings silver chest. Through your nose was a shiny silver ring has been pulled, as you know it from bulls. Because of her hairless pubic the Klitring was good to see he made sure that the clit of the young woman peering out from between your lips clearly.

“I want to Mr. Stein.” I said firmly demonstrating.

I watched it with confidence in the face and ignored her strange appearance.

Her mouth was slightly open and her lips inflated to tell from her breasts.

The only hair on this woman’s true the well confess rushed and long eyelashes, the eyebrows even been removed and replaced by a true small tattoo. So make up a truly indelible.

My eyes were as big then completely that I as a male phallus with testicles branded on her right cheek was formed. They had apparently adjusted retrospectively by color tattoos on his model.

How could such a pretty woman can dress like that?

Before this strange woman answered me, she licked lasciviously over the seductive red lips plump and shiny.

“I’m sorry the lady, whom shall I announce?” “I’m Nicole Schroeder of the city works. I’ve come for the open electricity bill.” Although I was very confused now, I wanted to pull the thing and not let me get.

Once again, the bald-headed woman ran over her lips, one would think they can make fun of me wanted to. “Wait a moment, I’ll sign it with my Lord.” They immediately put the woman turned to elegant and obviously not ashamed of their nakedness, and disappeared into the room. The door had closed again.

While I waited, my sinking feeling in your stomach getting worse and I was hoping you would not receive me. Cheaper I could not get out of this situation. But after only a short time the door opened again and the bizarre staked reappeared. “My master wants to receive them, they come with me, I’ll bring them to Mr. Stein.” Demonstratively with wackeldem butt they went ahead and I could finally see what was hidden behind the door. Contrary to my expectation was not an office but another corridor behind the door and at the end of the corridor was a door next to the woman knocked. a man’s voice was immediately heard “yes, they’ll bring pure.”

We entered and the woman said to the desk at a large man sitting

“My Lord, the wife of the town of Schroeder’s work.” Amused and somewhat dismissively said of about 45 years, “so, then they sit down once Mrs. Schroeder, I hope they have time for a cup of coffee.” Meanwhile, the nude woman had a chair before the desk set right, so I could sit down. Galant she pushed the chair under my butt. Then she went behind the chair with lascivious movements of their Lord in waiting position, upright, with legs slightly apart and arms crossed on his back. “Now, Mrs. Schroeder as it is now with the coffee.” Asked the muscular and the whole rather sporty-looking man at the desk. “Em, Yes, please” I replied, surprised. While I could not avert my eyes from the naked woman, if I really saw that this person was already the hot juice on the thighs. Anyway, it shone according to the insides of her thighs.

Again and again she licked her tongue over her lips lasciviously. For me there was no doubt this woman was profoundly corrupt and perverse.

She squeezed her huge breasts as far as she could to the front and had the already flat stomach pulled in so far as possible. There is no doubt they were wanted to look as provocative as possible. Only her blank look did not fit right with this picture.

“Bald head, make me and our lovely visit to a cup of coffee, but by the good!”

Immediately teetered “bald” as it was called “lord” she well with bouncing tits and swinging butt into a neighboring room. “Now, Mrs. Schroeder give it what for.”

“Mr. Stein, I want to make it short, they have over five thousand euros of debt at the utilities. If they give me the amount can not now, I’ll supply the power for her, now let’s say “Company” disconnect. Now, what they say. ”

My heart was in my throat and I was sure to be able to hear it across the room. Amused, Mr. Stone leaned back in his executive chair and feasted on my insecure and fearful sight.

The door opened again and came up with bald head and back with two cups of coffee.

“Dear lady her cup of coffee, my dear sir, her cup of coffee.”

With these words she put the cups in each case before us.

With their Lord they remained bent over the cup breasts so that her nipple was right above the cup. “May I offer them some milk sir.”

Without further respond to the question Mr. Stein took on her bulging tits and milked in a tidy portion of long bouts of milk into his cup. He looked at me proudly and provocatively. Although bald trying to keep a face whizzes ungequälten jerk, but it was clear to see the stone itself made no effort not to hurt her.

When he had enough milk, he struck contemptuously with the back against the offered breast. Bald head wound and then asked me, “the lady wants a little milk?” I quickly waved off, I gave up on sugar.

Bald again took her position behind her master.

In my slowly rose to panic when I was here only gotten to?

“Well doll what do you think you’re here?” Stone asked me now with a quiet voice, he sipped at his coffee waiting.

I also took my cup of excitement and more to gain time.

With large gulps of coffee I drank until I was too hot.

“Mr. Stein will not have to pay them or use them, I lock the power supply.”

My fear was now well not to overlook defensive and nervous and shaky I sipped my coffee.

“Now I’m the dolly still transfer the money is no problem for me. Especially since I’ll earn you at least ten times and maybe I’m lucky and you think through exactly how long bald. Then I’m going to earn you a fortune.

My cup was already teaching me but I held firmly to her frantically.

I wanted to get up but could not, damn have been something in the coffee had.

And now I was trapped.

While the drug more and more clouded my senses, writing on stone was on his computer.

I was talking to not even be able, as he had done me some paper and submitted for signature.

Although I hesitated for a moment but after a good slap, I signed without a word.

And so began my new life as a slave!

Sequel planned.

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