Obsessed with the ass

I came early from work to home, showered and then waited anxiously for my wife, who Friday had to work longer than me. It was hot, and their work was not easy, they must have sweated a lot today. For my ideas she sweated too little, because I loved her body odor, which I could never get enough.

She was the kind of woman I wanted as they have always been, and I had a rather unusual taste. In model competitions, they would have had no chance, even though her face was prettier than the face of many women to become involved with model competitions or model considered. Her body had the same mass, which I did not respond and the mass. At 1.67 meters, she took very well be 150 kilos on the scales, which were spread very well on her body. Massive breasts, which came to rest on a really big belly, beautiful legs and a huge butt. I loved every ounce of her body, loved it, to feel her huge tits, loved it when they let me feel her weight. Her belly was huge and I loved the smell of their sweat that formed in its many folds over the day, which I consumed as much as was possible.

But not everything that brought me to her to distraction, had nothing to do with their “greatness.” Her ass was indeed just huge compared to the model-women, I was also of this excess supply completely thrilled. But her asshole, which had I am especially made for lovers. Her asshole was totally tame me, if I could smell it, it could lick and caress. The smell of her unwashed asshole was indescribable as possible, it did not smell, as one might suspect, to shit, it smelled like an indescribable concentrated version of its smell, which fascinated me more and more. It was clear to me that nature had set up, because animals were not forced by civilization aversion to certain body odors. Liane also liked my smell, but was not born a woman quite so keen on extreme forms. But she was really excited when I was for them to animal. I could not wait that turned the key in the lock and her “Hi, honey!” shouted in the hallway.

Finally the door opened and joyfully Liane came storming, was pleased that it was Friday and the work had a break. We hugged each other intimately, we kissed, while I took deep breaths with her scent on me. I began to kiss her neck, took kindly to the smell of their sweat, which was produced between your breasts and under her arms.

She was giggling, their impressions are aware to me by their smell. But finally she pulled away, because they wanted to put into the bedroom and other clothes. How do I remotely followed her, because today was once again time for a little tenderness for her sweet asshole.

She was bent over in the bedroom to pick up her sweatpants, being there for me no longer hold. I lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and buried my face between her ass cheeks, which were pressed tightly together by their effort, but still produced enough scent to drive me crazy.

She knew exactly where I wanted, it smelled so, that they had already planned the whole day so for me. She had with any business, whether large or small, have thought of me and did not have the diligence in cleaning, which was usually attached. Your job from this day it did not bother no one she could get too close during the work, and now I was the lucky one who could enjoy it.

Slowly, she crawled onto the bed, knelt down in front of me, her cheeks apart, slid my hands kneading her greasy ass cheeks, she explained, pressed to take a look at the epicenter of the stench, I wanted to see what they had prepared for me.

“Oh my God!” I could only moan out loud as the smell grew and was supported visually by the sight of her asshole. Her asshole was slimy, she gave it by gently “pressing” pulsate for me, the area around her asshole was also carried wet welding, a welding, which had become by the lack of work to Toilet Paper a broth, for inviting my nose, my face, my tongue.

I drove a short distance with my nose over this area, inhaling the smells of a sigh, she had preserved for me throughout the day, while I massaged her belly in rhythm with their pressing movements, you were so understanding how me her ass, her odors and the motion turns. Your pressing movements were solid, her pussy was now wet with piss, because all could not remain without consequences throughout the presses. Slow to a trickle ran their legs on the bed, but that hardly interested me, because her ass off and began to leave a Fürzchen outside.

I could not hold me anymore what I did at that! I opened my mouth wide, and included her asshole with my lips. She moaned loudly and pressed fixed now, a long fart erupted in my mouth, read, taste me, what was fermenting in their intestines. A sweetish taste spread through my mouth, my self-control has now been blown away, I began wildly lick her asshole while she pressed further and not only repeatedly farts produced, her anus began to open up a bit and showed short that it solid contents were. In some places you could see the black and brown sausage than a small bump, she was fast and I could not help but lick as, licked her asshole, and this vibrant bump, every time the smelly farts with mucus and transported to the light.

In between, I could not help but to pull my face with her ass column, wanted to spread her sexy smell on my face, wanted to smell like her. While my face went through her pulsating asshole spread more and more of the smelly splendor on my face, my nose inhaled the scent ecstatic one which presented itself to me. Instead of the usual stop the presses she pressed more, so that the brown-black knobby ever came to light, its softer components dissolved, to be distributed by me on my face.

Finally she could hold back no longer, her asshole was now enormous, a blast of piss poured down on the bed when she crapped all with violence. I licked the sausage, which was now longer. I lay on my back, my face under her ass to take a firm sausage due to receive. The shit flopped on my face, brushed my open mouth and eventually fell onto the bed. My mouth is now encircled her asshole for a second too early, I had been hoping for more. My hope was not disappointed, exploded when a fart after another into my mouth while my tongue caressed her asshole and tried to absorb everything that had left the sausage and the farts from continuing to carry out. She came in a prolonged orgasm, and I squirted in unison, while I once again my face went through her rear sight, to distribute its even hotter now stinking ass juice on my face.

Liane could no longer hold on all fours, she lay on her stomach, I fell asleep, exhausted between her ass cheeks as me, the scent of her sausage and her asshole cleaned by me could dream of another evening.

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