Nudist camping with their parents

Nudist camp

The summer holidays had just begun, because my father asked what we would think of the camping trip. Generally we were not so fond of it, after all, have dignity earlier times and camped NEN hunched back, etc., we could forgo. Dad said he would rent a camper and then it would be quite compfortable. So we agreed. Two days later it went off. Towards Denmark.

Shortly after the border was already the campsite. We drove through until we arrived at the nudist part, where we chose a cozy corner. We put our camper, a 20 year old VW Westfalia, a little off direction from the forest. The terrain was pretty full and fun when it was already off the bare skin of many other campers to see. So we pulled ourselves out first.

We started our awning firstonce build what was not at all easy. But to see it naked Mam was quite cool. How to work the stomach and tits and herschwangen, which was awesome. After an hour we had also managed. The tent stood up and we had it made us comfortable.

I went to the toilets and showers me to see and explore around the place a bit. The washrooms were nice, clean, seemed to be under renovation. All in all, the place made a very good impression. At the kiosk, I got the first few drinks and then went back slowly. Arriving at the place I went straight into the motorhome ow that I have almost surprised. Mam was on her back, her knees drawn look and they ran low. ICHR slightly hairy pussy was open, I could clearly see the deep abyss. The lips were slightly red and very wet. Dad was standing next to it, the filled condom was still on his tail. I looked back at Mam at the sight I saw as my cock began to twitch and was about to stand up when Dad asked me: “Tell me how are the showers?” Immediately I was brought back to the floor of the facts and answered him. While I did that he pulled the condom from the tail, was purely a knot and placed it beside the stove. He said “Esmuß still a garbage bag in the bucket.” Mam took care of it.

In the evening we have then grilled and how it is that includes the odd beer. Twelve-thirty at night we went to the camper and noticed that we have not yet unfolded the folding roof and thus my bed was not ready. Dad said then mumble something that I just want to come with ihenn that would be all right. So I went back with the “lawn”.

I got the place right in the middle of Mam and Dad left. Mam and I Stigen going to bed, Dad was sitting on the edge of the bed and thought that now your mother is sometimes a good night kiss, which I did. Mam, I gave a kiss, she had a flag but I’m not too bothered because I had drunk so what. Dad then said only, “Come one more, right now kisses times, nothing is.” And so I gave Mam a real kiss. Her lips were closed when I drove it with my tongue. But it was not long before she opened her mouth slowly. Dad just said, “Well this looks, go ahead” from the corner of my eye I saw the dad was stiff. Mam also noticed that he rolled a condom over again and then said to him, “Just kiss, ok?” Dad winked at her.

During Mam I kissed Dad fingered her and I kissed her more than Paps entered her. This situation also read my throbbing cock grew hartwerden.Mein. Mam kissed really well and still the slow bob of her body was just awesome. I also noted their excitement, I could hear it in her breath. Suddenly I felt a hand on my cock. My cock was pressed against the side Mums which I lifted up my body a little twisted and anwinkelte my leg. I felt like my tail was mopped slowly and listened as Dad said, “Your son is very stiff, nice and hard:” It was Dad, I felt the hand but I did not care because it felt good.

I began to touch Mam, belly, boobs, her plump thighs, just everything about her, I touched it. I also noticed how Mam was always horny and moaned softly. Dad leaned over and kissed her neck, her flüßterte things in his ear. “You’re great Doris, do it better than me, that makes me horny Doris”. Mam moaned a lot more now. And Dad read Already “Doris, he is so stiff to touch him once, he will like you, Doris, I’d like to see him on you, just once, briefly, come, just once.” He asked again and again while he fucked Mam quite slow and I massaged her tits. “Doris knows, there are none, we are disturbed, do it, please let him on it rise once, only once briefly, I want to see it, let Doris” Mam said, “You are an old sow, if one will notice.” Paps daraufhn “We are alone here, no one will know it, let Doris only briefly, once in, I just want to see it, no one noticed it:” The very discussion of this almost made me squirt but what happened then I would have never dared to dream. Mam said, “You give it rest? Mach few times before the curtains” Dad then said “Yes no problem, no one will see it.”

He immediately got off of it and drew the curtains. All the curtains were somehow a bit too small, no window, read quite close before the eyes of the public. When that was done Dad said I should take up his position, he then lay down next to Mam and held her hand. “Lift your legs Doris’ dad and they said it did. “Put him in,” Dad said to me “and if you do not come quite clean for the first time, pull it back out and then back in, until you’re all in there.” I just nodded. I have my Mum has never been seen before, never from this perspective. She looked very solid, heavy, basket-e-breasts hung to the sides. Her belly was thus higher than the tits made himself space to the sides. Iher massive thighs as they were held up on the insides of a dark color such as discoloration would point the way to the goal. The goal was her slightly hairy pussy, which by its own juices and temperature-related sweat against my open lips stretched shiny.

Mam turned her face away from Dad and closed his eyes. A gesture that showed me that she did not want it, they just did it to calm dad was. But it was at that moment no matter, I was totally not care, I’m only a man and where to go with my printing? I took the chance. Dad looked at me, I showed the torn condom packaging, but he shook his head, I shrugged, but he just nodded and looked at my cock. I held my cock in his hand, came closer to Mam’s cunt and sat on the glans, slowly pushed, pulled and squeezed back out a little further. When I was there I realized just quite how my cock began to twitch. I could not keep a good 4 drawers of my semen I spurted into my mother. I paused, Mams mouth was slightly open. When I runtersah I saw the white seeds on my tail. Mam Dad whispered, “it feels good? Do you like it?” Mam did not respond. “Now they even bums” Did Dad to me and I did it slowly. I fucked my mother slowly, looked like the stomach and tits bounced and how well they cool after a good 5 minutes. Mam began to moan slightly.

“Do you like it Doris? It looks great, you’re really horny, do very well.” Mam was horny, and I also. “I can not much longer,” said Mam I reached between her legs, “Where is the rubber? If he injects pure, you old sow!” Dad said, “Go on now go, and Doris, let your legs up, lift it higher, I want to see how it does it drives her”

Corrected three times as Dad lay Mam, took her hand away and opened her legs further and turned to face him. “Doris stop breastfeeding so that Ralf can fuck you,’s fine, you have to lie just to get nice and hold out, jaa comes together you two make off.” Mam was quiet but after a short time they had to groan. Louder and louder and I was even more horny. “Yes Doris, come on, let yourself go, that’s good. It is the same, they come now, come on injection, make yours, let it out,” At these words I also unloaded, unprotected in my moaning, twitching mother. She came quite loud and seemed very satisfied.

“Go to the page” Dad said to me. Exhausted, I climbed down from Mam, looked at the pull out the thick milky liquid into her still open pussy and immediately climbed on it Dad. He fucked her pretty hard and fast and immediately shot down within two minutes. Then he knelt down and licked it before Mam. How cool it looked like my dad sucking juice from her pussy while his fully molded rubber still on his tail hung limp. When he finished, he pulled down the rubber and put it on the table. Then we snuggled in our bed too close to each other and fell asleep.

If you want to know how it goes on like this mailed to me.

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