Mommy’s leaky slave part 03

One morning in the holidays I was on pretty early and went into the kitchen still dark apartment.

The blinds were not pulled, so my mother was not up yet.

From the bedroom of my mother, nothing was heard. You probably still asleep soundly.

I walked into the kitchen and there she sat.

She had sat in her nightgown with a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and smiled at me.

“Good morning, my treasure.” She said fondly.

“Good morning, Mom.”

“Well, my little angel sleep well?” And waved me over.

“Yes, Mama, am I.” I said as I stood before her.

She raised her hand and stroked my hair.

“My little treasure has now vacation, huh? And finally you have some time for mommy huh? ”

“Yes, Mama.”

“I think I already know how we will enjoy the day.”

she said softly, stroking me with a smile on through his hair.

“Mom had a huge thirst and smooth this morning has a whole bottle of drinking water. Now Mom has to make very strongly Pippi. “She said in a loving tone,

“Do you see how Mama Pippi makes, huh?”

For heaven’s sake. So early in the morning, I had not expected it.

I got a boner in seconds in my pajama pants, which my mother enjoys noted.

“Oh,” she said “your little man is happy. But this is beautiful. Come on. ”

So she took me by the hand and led me gently into the bathroom.

She opened the toilet lid and said: “Now you can immediately see where the mom comes out with Pippi. Would you like that, my little darling? ”

“Yes, Mommy, I want to.”

“Good boy.” She said slowly, pulling her nightgown over her head.

Underneath she was naked and made me look at every inch of her body.

She dropped her nightgown and smiled at me.

With her hands on my shoulders she said: “knee toward you.”

I did what they asked and knelt before her.

Her shaved pussy at eye level. Slowly she moved her body closer.

Getting closer to my face between her legs disappeared.

I deeply inhaled the scent of her cunt. She smelled of soap and all her step was still slightly damp. So they had washed beforehand.

Slowly she began to rub her pussy on my face. Always up and down.

Her lips parted and I could immerse my whole face in it.

This wonderfully soft skin and her cunt juice. They smeared me to my face full.

“Try some, tastes like mom there, huh? Take your tongue for that. ”

I immediately went out and licked my leak tool and slurping going on.

“Not so fast, my little gourmet. Mommy has a lot more to drink for you. ”

So she stepped back, sat astride the toilet bowl and waved me over.

I crawled on all fours, six feet up to her. So she sat before me on the bowl. Smiling, with splayed legs and I had a clear view of her half-open cunt.

She put both hands on her nipples and began to knead it gently. An amazing sight.

“Come closer,” she said “closer.”

I was now so close that I could lean my chin on the toilet seat.

“And now you can see how mom makes Pippi.”

Slowly, slowly she began to pee. Only a small stream, then a bit more. And finally it was the only way out of it. Her urine was clear. I was overwhelmed by the sight.

“Would you ever try, like mommy’s Pippi tastes, huh?”

I looked up at him and nodded vigorously. She stopped briefly to pee and ran his fingers through her pussy. She offered me her finger, I clapped my lips and licked it all that was about it. A wonderfully warm taste in my mouth began to spread.

“Well, honey, you taste mommy’s Pippi?”

I nodded vigorously, still sucking on her finger.

“I knew that you taste mommy’s Pippi.” She smiled down at me.

“Would you like more? Would you like mommy’s Pippi drink, darling? ”

Again I nodded, hoping to experience what I imagined to be straight.

“Well,” she said, “then put on your back.”

I did what they wanted. I lay down on the bath mat on his back and looked up at her

There my mother was standing sideways next to my head and smiled down at me.

She looked me more lovingly into the eyes, while she stood over my head.

Slowly she squatted down and placed her pussy over my face.

“Now you must drink from mommy, sweetheart. And swallow everything down nicely, you hear? Open your mouth. ”

Her flat belly and her half-open cunt directly over my mouth wide open, I expected her nectar.

And then he ran. Only slowly and little. Then she sat down with all her pussy on my mouth and go strullte. Hot and spicy floss their piss in my mouth and I swallowed. I swallowed and tasted so good I could. It was simply great. I was little boy in the bathroom at the back, my mother was sitting on my mouth and used me as a toilet. Simply wonderful.

“Yes, drink anything from mommy. Everything from drinking beautifully. Mommy has a lot more for you. Nice swallow everything you hear, my little treasure? Mommy loves you anyway. ”

Pissing her seemed to have no end. But gradually dried up this source of pleasure and my mother said:

“Lick mommy now nice and dry, yes? Leak Mami let dry and not a drop left, you hear? ”

I did what she said and licked her divine Pissfotzen dry. She helped me a little by her abdomen back and forth motion. Then she got up from his crouch, helped me with a smile and gave me a kiss on the mouth.

“You see, my little angel, you can have fun with mom, is not it?”

Blessed I looked into her mother’s eyes and was happy.

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