Glory Hole

Caution is a gay incest story! I hope you like it anyway!

Chris was totally cool with his father. His father was a huge man 52 years, who was trained by this well. He was hairy like a wolf, and Chris knew that he had a huge tail. Chris has often looked like his father slept with his mother and he often saw the incredible 26cm long and fat cock.

Only once did Chris keep the cock of his father, lick it, jerk it, leave some fuck from him, but how could you bring a heterojunction to be pampered by his own son to leave?

Chris would become a girl, it would have been easier to determine. You would then simply have to throw in a sexy outfit and seduces him easily. He’d jumped on it immediately determines …

But Chris was not a girl even now, he was a skinny kid who loved his own sex. Especially so fat tails, like those of his father.

Chris family did not know that he was gay, was just as well. He was the only son and he did not want to upset his mother or father, alarmed or upset or otherwise. Chris got on well with his family and he did not want to break the relationship. Still, he would have liked a good fuck with his father.

Chris often lay in bed, naked and stroking his dick too small. He was only 10cm long when he was tough and not very thick. He suffered a little lower, mainly because his father had such a great, but he found a good alternative by letting him fuck your ass. Girl he never really liked, mostly stupid.

One evening, his father invited him to a pub. The total was filled with smoke and smelled of alcohol. For this she looked a bit run down. But it was father’s favorite bar.

They drank beers with friends, and hardly talked. But at some point Chris bubble squeezed too much and he disappeared to the loo.

He relieved himself and shot pictures of Dad’s cock through his mind. His cock was a piss hard and got up from the toilet. Although his cock was standing upright, but still fought his urine through his narrowed urethra and he pissed himself He jerked his dick smelled like urine and was on his clothing.

He felt like a few drops through his urethra struggled and left a slight burning pain. It flowed over his hand on his jeans and he jerked himself vigorously.

Suddenly he heard the door open and someone came clean. The one who went into the booth next to Chris. They heard how the man opened his pants and shortly thereafter a loud murmur.

Chris was bothered not turn. He jerked his cock further and again he moaned softly. Suddenly a fat cock shoved through a hole in the Klowand, who has not nearly matched by the hole. Was the father’s dick?

“Come suck it to me!” Father’s voice calling easy leilend. It was for Chris as Christmas and birthday all at once. He immediately kneeled down on the dirty floor with his low-hanging tail. Eagerly he took father’s cock in his hand. It was a cool keep feeling his fat cock in her hand to be allowed.

Chris jerked his father’s huge cock with his tongue and began to indulge his acorn. Excited moans coming from next door.

Father Chris took hard cock as deeply as possible into his young, eager mouth. He left a lot to spit on the decorated with the tail veins run thick and rubbed it with his hand.

It was just awesome for Chris to his father to be allowed to blow one. Whether father knew he was blown one of his son? Actually, they were alone in the lavatory … no matter! Chris did not want to distract with such silly questions.

Faster and faster his hand massaged the fat tail. Always strong throbbing cock father Chris in his mouth and hands. Father groaned loudly and splashed him his hot cum in her mouth. It was hot and strong sperm-rays, which he got in his mouth. There was a lot of him and Chris tasted his sperm. It was a horny taste.

Father’s cock was still upright and it dripped a little sperm on the floor. Since he did not rauszog the tail, pulled down his pants and Chris was pushing his ass against cock Father.

Father’s fat cock buried itself slowly in tight ass and Chris was sweating and panting him. Slowly, he dug himself deeper and deeper through the tight sphincter. Deeper and deeper he penetrated his gut.

Chris rose strongly, and a slight burning pain came from his ass. Never felt he had such a fat cock up his ass. He groaned and gasped at and enjoyed every inch of his father’s tail, which invaded him.

Eventually he felt the cold wall of his bare ass and the cock fully inserted in his gut. He pressed himself against it and just felt like father began to thrust slightly. “Oh yeah, that’s cool!” Moaned to his father. Whether he knew that he just fucked his boy or whether he thought the Chris a stray female on the men’s room was?

Father joined Chris was always stronger and groan loudly. His big cock filled out completely and Chris stimulated everything there was to stimulate.

Chris jerked his dick with one hand and braced himself with his other hand against the wall. Father shocks were always stronger and penetrated by a throbbing Chris intestine.

Chris felt like he was already slow, and also how his father came slowly. Faster and faster came the father’s cock in tight ass of his son. He groaned louder and louder it. “Oooohh jjjaaaa you I’m horny little bitch!” He moaned with pleasure and his son was pumping his cum into his ass.

Chris also came, and squirted. His cum flew through the cabin and landed on the opposite Klowand.

Chris was exhausted and happy. He felt like his father took off his fat cock and also from the wall. Chris spent a few seconds in the cabin and felt like his ass was on fire. Only go as Chris listened to his father, he ventured out of the cabin.

He had already dressed and had been back only once to wash. He had to get his piss from his shirt and even sperm and piss off his hands. Still, he tasted the cum from his father in his mouth, but unfortunately he also knew that it was probably his first and last time with him.

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