Gilmore Girls – Rory’s teacher


This is a fictional story about the Gilmore Girls. Although the story is based thematically and chronologically to the TV Series – is fictitious.

All the character traits and actions of the characters are fantasies of the author.

Chapter 3 – Rory’s teacher

Rory is sitting in the back row annoyed her classroom and grumbles to himself. Detention because she needs something completely new for the model pupil.

What had happened? Rory had, as so often argued with Paris and went over the Mädchenzickerei Paris’ ambitious school project more or less broken by accident. Paris’ entire work of 3 weeks at a replica of New York in the days of Prohibition was completely in the bucket.

Paris shouted, “I get ready you bitch” and steamed off and then reported it to Mr. Medina, Rory and Paris’ class teacher. Max Medina uses the situation of his best student shamelessly.

He is not just Rory’s teacher, but her mother fucks regularly for some time. Rory took him nicely so far, the relationship with her Mum but it was embarrassing.

Mr. Medina faces Rory and looks down on them. “If the director learns of it, and that he is, you get an entry in your school record and your future at an elite university is threatened. I am obliged to report it, otherwise I get myself trouble, “lectured the villain and looks just as if he did that totally sorry, as he would like to forget things.

Here it comes, the situation only benefit of the longer he was already keen on Rory wanted to come down on this young pussy to test whether this was just as dirty and sexual addiction as her bitch mother. Rory says defiantly, “That was not intentional.”

“It does not matter Rory, you know there are students for arbitration courts, which decide what happens to you.”

“And where has the final say in Paris anyway, they all listen to them,” exclaims Rory. You can not hold back her tears of impotence and begins to cry, she is desperate.

She looks up with tear-stained eyes to Mr. Medina. He strokes her face and for Rory, it looks as if he were quite desperate. The teen sees through his future stallion or not.

Rory thinks “it makes me really worry about. It works in him that I see. “Rory suddenly feels attracted to her teacher and gets up to kiss him. He responded immediately and put her tongue in his mouth and puts them on solid.

Rory is surprised, but makes further. Mr. Media opens her blouse and fondles her tits, he sucks her nipples and Rory groaned. Her nipples are rock hard and she realizes how she gets wet.

“What is it, this guy and I’m horny?” Rory is thinking, but she has little time to think because Mr. Medina licks her nipples and his hand moved between her legs. Automatic Rory opens her legs a bit and so can you Teachers push up her skirt.

Rory is wearing a thong, which is already quite wet. Rory is surprised by himself, “why I’m just so turned on by my teacher? Well, I’ve seen him and Mum ficken, but I’ve done with many of Mum’s engravers. Why is it different now? “Asks Rory.

You’ve never had sex with an older man and now she is literally starved for Mr. Medina. Max puts the string to the side and his first finger dipped into her cunt.

Rory groaned. Your teacher keeps them firmly with one hand and with the other he starts fingering her hard and regularly, first with the middle finger, then with his index finger.

We only heard Rory’s panting and the squishy sound of cunt who is fingered. Rory’s legs are soft, but Max holds a slim schoolgirl fixed easily. Against his grip Rory would have had no chance to free himself, but that they also do not want, it’s much too cool for it now.

Max suddenly stops and licks his pleasure from the dripping fingers. “Your horny pussy tastes sweet,” he says and smiles at Rory dirty. Rory excites the horny gaze of her teacher, she is glad that he likes her pussy so well. “Whether it tastes so good Mums also” thinks the young chicks, ” determined because it tastes almost like I did. ”

“Please continue Mr. Medina, please, I want to get under their fingers,” Rory begs contrary to their usual restrained article “Rory Later, later. Now you’re going to show me only once, whether such a small pig as you already well can blow. ”

Max harsh words make clear that Rory is now serious. They must prove themselves, after all she is the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore and has the nasty Sexruf to defend the Gilmore Girls. “I want to prove to him what I can,” Rory said defiantly and kneels in front of their teachers.

Rory opens his pants, the baggy boxer shorts are all right. “Oh wait, probably because a magnificent beating on me.” Teeny analyzed razor sharp. She gets Max’s big cock out and reveals spontaneous “Oh my God what a device.”

Max smiles down on the apt pupil, he is familiar with such reactions, Rory is finally not the first student to him to will. Max’s pink and shiny glans the big tail whips direct from Rory’s eyes.

Rory felt her pussy wet, she just wants to suck yet. Your teacher to do something good, so he helps her.

Rory takes the pin in her mouth and immediately absorbs the salty bitter taste. The taste of her cunt twitch again causes an involuntary gasp and Rory.

“I just stand on tails,” thinks the little bitch and sucks as much as they can, licking his glans and along the trunk, always wipe the tip of the penis and the Nille.

Max groaned loudly, Rory enjoys nimble tongue, but also requires “not forget the eggs, Rory”, and do as you commanded. “Lick hard” it’s Rory’s mind, “as with Dean, I can, I’ll show them Mr. Medina. ”

Max’s hand holds Rory’s head and directed her to his Blasrhythmus. He fucks Rory downright mean in his mouth, puffing and condescending “now you’re my Maulfotze right?”

With the cock in the mouth but Rory can only nod, looks him in the eye and thereby subservient to try to answer, there is only “aargh, grumph” out. Rory thinks for itself, “that’s what I want to be now, his Maulfotze.”

Max stops Rory Blaskünste and sits on a chair, “in order to be served properly,” as he calls it. Has never been so important Rory to be good.

“Surely Mr. Medina already has hundreds lips felt on his cock, but I’ll be the best.” Spurs are on the young student.

She licks his balls gently, first one egg, then the other. Makes them so tender that they can wipe it again with her tongue over the hot cock.

She feels the two horny hard thick egg of her teacher, licking each for several minutes, always close to Max’s orgasm. He rears up again and again, moaning, he’s hardly slowing down, but still will not let him get Rory.

She’s all woman now, she enjoys serving her teacher and to meet him, she wants to be the best thing that ever happened to its tail.

Mr. Medina asked “leak something deeper that I particularly like them.” Rory is with the tongue to the area just below the egg and then gently licks the eggs below the transition between the bag and what Max really like it. Even the area right and left the bag they can not.

Rory licks gently and slowly the entire bag range. He is not freshly washed, it’s already after the eighth Hour, but for Rory it does not taste unpleasant, but quite the contrary, all the way man

“I love the taste of his hot cock and the rest of his hanger” Rory groaned mentally.

Max’s hands press Rory deeper while he puts on his legs. “Lick my asshole, baby, yeah?” He moans. Rory is surprised brief, because they had not done before. “But I have indeed seen at Mum as she has done with Luke, I will also make it .

Hopefully I am in it as good as Mum “hopes the young Lecksau. While Rory still mulling Max expresses’ strong hand Rory’s head inexorably deeper and extended her tongue comes to his asshole.

Rory goes with his tongue between his ass cheeks and takes his ass. You will taste the sweet taste of the rosette, it is unusual, but not bad. Here, too, that he was clean but not freshly washed. “Sweet, bitter, male, horny” analyzes the student a taste of the asshole of her teacher.

Rory is excited and proud that she realizes that Max liked her tongue skills.

It keeps the jaws apart with his hands and goes again and again through the crack, licking his sensitive hole, he rears up again, his tail, the Rory touches briefly, is even harder than before, but already totally slippery.

It is a pleasure for Rory, his wet penis licking in between and the hot desire to have drops in the mouth. It takes its intense smell and taste true.

She tries to penetrate deeper into his asshole, varies the pace, licking of the rosette, which contracts with a soft touch on Rory’s tongue to tail gleaming with lust. “Oh God, Rory, that you are doing great, your mother can not better that.”

Rory is bursting with pride that she is as good as their mother. “He should not praise me, I’ll do so in any case he” thinks the teen-ager, “so he must mean business.”

Rory’s favorite compliment to her tongue skills but is “just right, now you have it out, kid.” Because it shows her that she can respond to its needs. Suddenly he pushes away from Rory, stands up and lifts the light weight on the teacher’s desk , Rory’s legs spread apart and pushes his cock into the open shaved wet pussy riemige his fucking today.

Rory sighs and spreads her legs as far as possible, so that his big cock clean fit into her tight box. It is filled as never before and enjoy the bumps in her young pussy. “Mr. Medina Yeah, fuck me through, I need that now” they cheered on their teachers.

This fucking smooth and strong, so that Rory is always horny. He pulls the belt out almost to the tip of glans to happen to him again deep inside. In the classroom you only hear the panting and moaning of the fuckers, both sweating.

Rory the fuck is just incredible cool, the thick pulsating cock in her small Teeniefotze and she begs for each additional shot.

Max holds Rory’s hips and pounding his prick into his stable student leaves after not to keep moving. Rory holds onto his neck, she picks up Max from the desk and fucks her on standing up. He holds umklamnmert her ass.

Then it flashes through Rory, an orgasm like never passes her sexy body, she screams out loud and squirts out her pussy juice. “Oh that was cool, thank you Mr. Medina” Rory stammered. She also noted that Max is just before the cumshots, he moans, “Where do you want it small?”.

Rory is so satisfied by the fucking her teacher that she wants to give something back and says “Please I want to taste it.” “You swallow everything?” is his question and Rory nods, smiling. Max pulls the tail smacking of Rory’s little cunt. She kneels down in front of their teacher.

The smell of the huge cock penetrates into her nose twitches her pussy and she feels the Mösenschleim shoots into their grotto. The thick shiny glans looks so appetizing, it inside out over her mouth and starts to suck.

Rory first taste the juice of their own cunt, “I love my own taste, if I could I’d lick himself,” she thinks.

Max has no desire to Jungmädchengelutsche and grabs Rory’s hair. He thrusts his tail several times quickly and deeply into Rory’s throat. Which can only groan and let it pass over him.

Then he comes packed with powerful thrusts sperm, the first Spitzer he shoots deep into her young throat, then fills up Rory’s mouth. She tries to swallow everything, gags a few times and manages to runterzuschlucken everything. The salty taste and the smell of sperm they excite.

Rory has already swallowed frequently, but has not much to expect. “He probably has not been sprayed for days and now I get it all. Mum has not juiced it probably longer. Well it remains in the family. “Rory licks with his tongue the rest of sperm from her lips, thinking” what a taste, I love it. ”

“Leak it is still clean, baby” is his call and Rory is the conscientiously. It smells again intensely hot on the tail to take the smell and looks her teacher then a smile. Max is sitting wet with sweat and ready on a chair and grins .

“Help me now Mr. Medina,” she tried to convince him. “Why should good small, but I think that we sometimes repeat it?”. Rory smiles and nods and leaves the taste of his sperm melt on her tongue.

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