Gilmore Girls – mother and daughter


This story is all fictional. Authors write these fictitious stories about famous people for the same reason that Larry Flynt made ​​fun of Jerry Falwell, because they can. The Supreme Court of the United States, the country where this site is located, has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution. The specific case law on this was de-cided in the case of “Hustler Magazine, Inc. et al. V. Jerry Falwell” in 1988. No harm is intended toward the celebrities featured in these stories, but they are public figures and in being so, they must accept that they are fair target for parodies by the public. We believe in the first amendment, and more broadly, in the basic principle of free speech and this section may push the boundaries of that principle, but the United States Supreme Court has approved of this type of material. We believe that the Supreme Court was correct in their decision.


This is a fictional story about the Gilmore Girls. Although the story is based thematically and chronologically to the TV Series – is fictitious.

All the character traits and actions of the characters are fantasies of the author.

Chapter 2 – Mother and daughter

Even with the sperm taste on the tongue Lorelai comes to her house. Hen has sailed, Rory is waiting for her mother, still horny from what they do. The young girl sitting at home could not take their hands off their box, again and again the images of her mother with Luke in mind.

She has her pussy fingered, licked their fingers time and again, taken to the intensive slimy smell, it has shaken her with lust.

Lorelai goes to her daughter, who hurried a blanket over her bare plum sets. Lorelai smiles and sits down next to her little one. Rory needs to move it to the side and is visible is a large patch of wet Pfäumchen created by Rory.

Rory looks at her mother, turns bright red and looks embarrassed to one side. “Uh, al-so, I’m not …. I do not …. so what do you think,” stammers the young woman held her mother.

Lorelai knows that feeling, she was caught masturbating himself as a young girl by her father at once, the result was an awesome chapter in the lives of young Lorelai Gilmore.

“Honey that’s totally normal that you work your cunt on what you saw in Luke’s apartment.” That is sitting. Rory looks at her mother with wide eyes, “you know it, but as You did, ..”.

“I hear you groan, you little perverted bitch. And you liked what you saw? “. Lorelai is moving closer to her daughter, her hand comes close to the body of their young daughter.

Lorelai knows exactly what she means. She wants to live out their horniness that Rory just as she does since her youth.

“Oh Mum,” embarrassed looks Rory at her mother. Not Rory know how to react to, first, the revelation of her mother to know exactly what Rory did. Rory had intended to question the mother slowly what was with Luke not to fly up . And secondly, they feel their lust, thinking of the hot pictures in Luke’s apartment.

To the body of her mother, who clings to it. No response, they can pull the blanket Lorelai, she presents her defenseless cunt shaved her mother.

The licks his lips unconsciously at the sight of the delicate moist glimmer Fotzenfleisches her daughter. Just like her own plum pussy Rory is closed, it only recognizes the slot with the droplets of horniness.

Lorelai breathed deeply through your nose to smell the scent of her daughter too. Quite clearly they recognize the slightly bitter but unmistakably fishy smell of the hot-Ge Gilmore Girls. “Yes, it smells like me,” Lorelai thinks and feels a twitch in the cunt. Her nipples are up, stand hard by the tight shirt.

“So I hear,” Lorelai reminds her daughter to testify about what they saw. “Rory looks at her mother, a wave of sexual intimacy comes with her mother and she revealed to her.

“It was cool to see yourself the way you’ve blown Luke’s penis. I’m also happy that at Dean. But what did you do, uh, I mean this with the eggs and the asshole licking, that I do not trust me yet. “” That’s why we are practicing it now. You will spoil me, even there where I did with Luke have is that understood young lady. ”

Such a clear statement did not Rory from her mother’s chaotic and often insightful. “Yes Mum, I want to learn it. And you’ve done everything that it did not hatch rannimmt “asks the unsuspecting teen.

Without worrying Lorelai takes off, presenting the great body of their daughter with the big tits and shaved pussy. Lorelai puts himself in position, supine on the couch spreads her legs and asked, “So, my sweetness, leans forward and look at my pussy closely.”

Rory comes to the, but says a little bit cheeky “but I know my pussy already and I’ve done it with Lane anymore.” Rory is shocked by her slip of the tongue with Lane, she thinks her mother knows nothing of the games of two best friends.

Rory remembers the last weekend where she was in bed with Lane. The two girls have licked each other, as so often in recent months, fingered and brought to scream. “Lane’s pussy I know almost better than my own,” thinks the young chicks.

Her mother goes on the slip of the tongue with Lane not the one she knows what the girls do so if they only imagine in the house of Gilmore, on the other hand it is delicious hot on the tongue of their daughter, fuck with Luke does not have the horny slut can satisfy.

“Catch of sweetness,” she asked with a voice borne of lust. Rory recognizes that her mom is cool, now she wants her mother to be of service, they explore, learn. Rory first breathes the scent of their mother’s a cunt, recognizes ih-Ren own smell, the clothes have suddenly groan.

“Oh my God, I’m keen on the pussy of my mother,” exclaims Rory and immediately begins the outer lips of her mother to lick, you can taste the familiar taste, very different from that of Lane’s pussy, but her own something like that. “It’s as if I’d lick myself,” she thinks, and moves powerfully in the pussy inside her mother.

Lorelai rears up and wets immediately Rory’s entire face, which lies half in her cunt. “Where do …., aaargh, oh God, how can Beac …. I mean … who taught you the” moans one disinhibited Lorelai to her daughter.

“Rory comes out of the cave area, wide grins smeared across the entire face. “With Lane, Lane Mum and I do something like that for months, I’ve Lane licked so many times. And you like it really? ”

Lorelai realizes that this confirmation of the daughter is doing well, the statement about Lane had already evidence of growing self-consciousness, with Rory now deal with sex. Lorelai says “you were cool, do not stop, but before that to finish the sentence without ….” and she begins to put her daughter surprised her tongue into his mouth.

Only then waiting no less greedy and Rory’s quick tongue in the mouth of her mother tongue, it begins a wild battle, closely pressed together to experience both these irrepressible lust. Lorelai’s big long nipples rub against Rory’s small but sexy tits, both to moan loudly.

Rory Luke’s sperm tastes as she kisses her mother. “Yes it’s all he has injected into the mouth” Rory is reminiscent of the hatch cum shower her mother had missed. “And now I can taste it too. Is that cool.”

Rorys Möschen weeps again and begins to twitch, the teen has often received from her boyfriend Dean a full load of cum in the mouth, it stands to sperm as their mother. “It’s as if Luke would have sprayed into the mouth” is Rory comes to mind.

Their hands touch the big tits of her mother, she gently strokes the tough erect nipples of her mother, who suddenly groans if the hot touch. Rory recognize their power over her mother and begins to knead their firm tits.

They skillfully presses the nipple and her mother shiver down the spine of horniness. Rory looks great on both nipples, then takes the left in the mouth and begins to suck. “Oh Rory, you’re doing great, do not listen to treasure” begs Lorelai.

She needs to just touch her pussy, she pushes two fingers into her wet cunt and begins to fumble, while Rory is now sucking the other nipple. Rory easily bite the nipples, pulls him to his teeth, what a roar of her mother with the result.

Lorelai has very sensitive nipples, already has some binoculars so that they brought to their senses, they are subjected, because they can be steered by pulling the nipple as it wishes man. All this does not recognize Rory, but her mother certainly suits the tougher treatment, the teen already feels.

Rory begins to pull on her nipples, pinching them and twirl, accompanied by the yelp and beg her mother, but that does not sound like the end when Rory is. “Auuu, not so hot, you make me ready to be small, slightly tender,” whimpers to her daughter Lorelai, eludes her, but not completely.

Rory sees this as a call to continue treatment with the boobs again squeezes the sensitive glands. “Jauu ahh” exclaims her mother. But now wants Lorelai get spoiled their plum and pushes her daughter with her head towards her sopping cunt gaping.

Rory pulls apart the labia and lick with broad tongue several times by the mother’s pussy. Accompanied by groans Lorelai Rory begins to lick a perennial, does not point out the pussy, her tits more than Lorelai, meanwhile, vigorously kneads downright rude.

She pulls and pushes her tits and nipples and enjoys the quick tongue of her daughter. Then she puts on her legs, her daughter, now presents her horny pink puckered asshole. “Now my sweet anal lick me, shows me that you also already know, you saw how I liked Luke. It is essential that you master this technique, “Lorelai has her daughter with the big eyes just inches away from the maternal rosette staring at this really.

Rory, all the mother sniffs, first at the rosette, and then gently to circle the asshole with her tongue. A twitch marked the correctness of the approach and Rory begins to lick the soft rose.

Again and again she licks her swollen lips of the mother and then again to umlecken the rear hole. Lorelai tries again to look at the leaking daughter draw, watch her at her sexy treat, but often they can only groan loudly with eyes closed, so hot is because what Rory hosts.

“Now fuck me with the dildo, as the black behind you” calls Lorelai. Rory takes seconds to look up to by her in a trance conducted delicacy. Your whole face is smeared with the slimy intensely fragrant pussy juice of her mother who can not help licking and clean – as her daughter’s face off.

For several minutes the two tongues taste Gilmore Girls Lorelai and both pussy juice.

Rory then takes the dildo and wants to introduce it in the pussy of her mother. “No, asshole, fuck my asshole kid” it comes from. Rory looks up in horror and says, “is much too large, Mum, who never fit in there” and she feels the tight rear hole of their mother.

“Oh honey, what do you think what belt I had since been in there that’s fine. Prepare it before with your fingers. ”

Rory now begins the weichgeleckte ass off carefully, fingering her mother after an encouraging moan even harder. It was only with the slender finger penetrated her asshole that her mother, so this must be loud groan again.

Then Rory also takes the middle finger to and stalks into the dark hole, feeling that this will now be inflated, again yielding to the muscle ring, enters an off the invaders. Lorelai looks in awe as their little fingers again and again fixed her asshole, even downright regurgitates.

“Now, take the honey and consign him one dildo slowly” Lorelai asked. Rory takes the black monster and put him on the ass and pressed firmly.

First, defends the muscle, Lorelai tries by stopping the baking penetration easier, whines and whimpers if the still incipient pain, but has Rory sharply, “Keep going, do not listen to my whining pushing him to the pure end, I need the “.

Rory looks at her mother and then pushes the dildo deeper into the hole. “Aargh, oh my God, please stop,” her mother laments, but Rory pressed more firmly. Then, finally after the rosette and the dildo into flutscht normal.

Lorelai exhales sharply and shrugs her asshole. Rory begins to fuck her mother, slowly at first but then harder and faster she pushes the dildo in the asshole of her mother.

The groans out loud again and again, shoots her little one in there to get her good and masturbates while her clitoris. Lorelai begins to scream really, Rory has heard that concern from Babette over the loud screams of her mother, but also the young girl is very horny as that could stop it now.

Rory pulls the dildo completely out of the asshole of her mother and sees the gaping red quivering asshole that will close very slowly. Fas-ned Rory stares at it and then re-insert the dildo and push on.

She fucks and then there is always weitren Lorelai, a powerful jet squirts pussy juice from her plum, Rory wets one that sits close to her mother. “Yeahhhh, oh my God, yes, now,” exclaims Lorelai and falls back exhausted.

Rory is now but also so that the horny teen masturbates her little pussy and brings herself to orgasm, always horny pictures of that day in mind. Luke and her mum, her own experiences with her mother, Rory all the help you get fast and furious.

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