Gilmore Girls – Lorelai and Luke


This is a fictional story about the Gilmore Girls. Although the story is based thematically and chronologically to the TV Series – is fictitious.

All the character traits and actions of the characters are fantasies of the author.

Lorelai and Luke

- Lorelai Gilmore, 32, brunette hair, slim, great tits, very pretty, shaved, coffee – and addicted to cum

- Rory Gilmore, Lorelai’s daughter, star pupil at the private high Chilton, very pretty brunette, long hair, very sweet, very slender, small. Breasts

- Rival Paris Gellar, classmate of Rory at Chilton, Rory verzickt, nerd inside a scumbag, pretty, dark blond hair, often as a ponytail, slim

- Lane, Korean, strictly brought up, however, curious to learn and experience what life has to offer

- Dean, Rory’s friend, big cock

- Luke, owner of Luke’s dinner, about 35, often surly, Lorelai is on men, despite their many

- Max Medina, 35, Rory’s teacher and part-time engravers of Lorelai

- Richard Gilmore, 55, Lorelai’s father, a more prestigious civil society

Lorelai and Rory have coffee at Luke’s. Rory lets out indignantly: “And then he licked my asshole, the pig did, I did not, I lay on the bed, he has said legs pushed up and instead of continuing to lick my pussy like I wanted it, he has my asshole licked. ”

“Has it’s not like I love it when a guy leaking the Rosettchen me, I prefer to squat on his face here, do not you Luke?” Lorelai said, looking pointedly at Luke with a broad grin.

Luke had been listening outside the dirty talks disapprovingly of his regular clientele turns away and looks bad, “I do not know what you mean,” he replied angrily.

“Also, come on Luke, did you’s but also like, I had crouched legs apart and you lay on your back and with a broad tongue you’ve been licking my asshole and the plum, your face was soaking wet from my end-of-prune”.

Rory listens with an open mouth, she knows her mother as a perverted bitch, which misses no opportunity to dirty hot sex, not once she has watched her mother there and rubbed her little pussy, but that was something new for the small girl, so what perverse.

Not only that her friend Dean has the same last night made for her by surprise, he really has it, no, her mother seems to have it as well. Rory is confused.

“And as it was now time for you my dear, do not tell me that you’re not running out as he licked your Rosettchen, we are always Gilmore Girls very slippery and wet.”

“Oh, that’s Mom, come on, even embarrassing,” comes the reply from the embarrassed daughter.

Rory looking move to the side, sees Luke, his stud in his pants if the naughty mood can hide in its difficult dinner, staring at his pants and thinks “mmh, but Luke has a gorgeous tail specify in the pants.”

Luke noticed the look of the little mouse becomes a little horny. As a sex-kitten, he has never been seen Rory, “but like mother like daughter probably” thinks he greedy.

Lorelai does not let up, she knows what her daughter puts in mind nastier, is outwardly shy and does this always so prudish, but she has already seen Rory with Dean ficken, because Rory was all shy than others.

“What sweetness now, spit it out.” “Oh Mum, that’s good when you know I’m want to come, it was great but still is somehow perverted or not?”.

Rory turns bright red at this revelation, looks embarrassed at her mother, then to Luke, who has overheard everything. “No darling, it’s just horny, perverted is not that I do but also fun. Even a man to lick that asshole can be fun. ”

“Ihh, you know I’m not.” “Oh little one, you’ll still make some of what you do not like it at first, and afterward you’re a nasty bitch join in all the” it comes from who knows what she’s talking Lorelai. Dirty it is a long time.

The thought of her hot fucking Lorelai’s nipples are very hard, they clearly make out through the thin blouse. Her pussy is wet.

“Not I,” Rory said defiantly, but needs to think about what her mother sexerfahrenen. “I want a man to lick that asshole,” Rory remembers how the idea to her a familiar shudder and twitch triggers in the cunt.

“Well, it worked for me so Dean also made and it was really cool, he has brought up my small rose and penetrated with his tongue again and again, ohhh, that was cool”.

Rory realizes that she is wet, her and her plum Arschlöchlein wince at the thought of her friend, even her little Nippelchen be hard. Luke recognizes the lust in their faces and bodies of the two Gilmore Girls and sees his Fickchance for today.

“You Mum, how is that a man to lick that asshole?”. Lorelai looks at Luke, who sees the greedy little Rory, she knows what he thinks, with all the bad mood Luke’s just a horny guy who loves to pamper be.

“But not my little one, at least not yet” in the protective mother thinks Lorelai. “I’ll explain at home, go ever before, yet what I have here before.”

Rory noticed the horny mother throws her view the hatch, this grinning knowingly. “Oh Mum, you always send me away, I want to stay here.” “No, Rory go now.”

Grumpy trotted the little mouse, but not without a return on the next street corner to make and go behind Luke’s Dinner, we’ll see Mama’s purpose.

She looks behind Luke and Lorelai shut off the shop go to the stairs to his apartment above the shop situated. So once again, with Luke, Lorelai thinks, but she knows that she must have some time hatch so that it displaces the fickgeile thoughts on Rory.

Lorelai is only too willing to drive hatch the idea of ​​her horny daughter. The last fuck is now one days ago, holding a pig as Lorelai fickgeile not longer.

Rory gets the spare key to load from the bag, these years she has had since she and her mum are regular customers at Luke.

Rory sneaks up the stairs, heard Luke say, “See you horny from Lorelai, clean-shaven?” “Yes clearly those whistles, come and kiss my door.”

“Ne Lorelai, now you’re just even think about it, I expect that you angeilst me very well, not that I have come to silly idea and practice times with Rory let me.” Rory shocked if this clearly expressed Sexvorstellung of Luke, which it so would not have expected anything.

She looks cautiously around the corner and sees her mum, who is kneeling naked in front of Luke, who sits on the couch legs. “All right, I’ll do what you want, but let Rory in peace.”

Luke does not respond to this rhetorical question, and Lorelai knows that she not drive out the horniness Rory and denied her the men of the neighborhood may, she was back then and has just taken what they wanted to.

You shoot the juice in the pussy at the thought of their early sexual experiences, but Luke is now demanding its rights.

She looks at the big cock of her thick veining today’s sire, licks his lips, the sour smell the masculinity of his tail and exude buckets, Lorelai feels just as a woman, her cunt twitching and produces a lot of cool mucus.

She touches his plum and penetrates her smacking one with two fingers. Lorelai moans to behave. “Hopefully, I Luke fucks even after I helped him to his right.”

Luke spreads her legs so that his big hard bulging eggs are clearly visible. “Fang Go to already” interrupts Luke Geil their dreamy view of the tail, which has sweetened its already seen the night.

Lorelai lowers her head and breathes again its a bitter scent. Then shoots out its tongue and begins umlecken to the already heavy strain of Luke’s belt, she licks the acorn approach to the transition to the eggs, hatch moaning loudly “Oh, this tongue, how I missed that.” He slipped Lorelai’s tongue slightly more opposed, requires “Now the eggs” and Lorelai to get to immediately.

Rory watches with big doe eyes, she realizes that she can still learn something and know that the roles are clearly defined. Experience their mother so they did not expect serving.

Rory stares at Luke’s splendor and whipping her nipples stiffen. Juice shoots and her string, she wears skirts below the school sucks, fully Mösenschleim. “Oh God, I’m hot for Luke” thinks the Pennälerin.

Lorelai starts, meanwhile, trying to lick Lukes hard cum-filled eggs, gently she travels around the contours of the egg begins to tenderly to them to lick She also leaves the boundary area of ​​the eggs as little like the transition to the dam, again and again she licks over suck eggs, something about them, even the penis is involved.

Luke Lorelai, meanwhile, looks at it, his tail twitching treacherous, but Lorelai knows the men and know when they must stop in order not to be eingesaut zufrüh.

They discovered sperm-like anticipation for Lukes acorn, the acorn is very slippery head turned. Lorelai smell the semen, the smell of her travels to all body openings and allows the experienced Sexschlampe cringe, that’s what drives them, the smell makes her juices flowing and before she knows what she is after.

She inhales the smell of spicy intense Lukes penis, then suck dry the acorn sdaugt where the head trying to penetrate even into the Nillenöffnung.

Luke grabs Lorelai’s hair and slams her long thick shaft in the throat, “aargh, grrrh” Lorelai choke must be whether the most unexpected shortness of breath, she snorted through the nose, tears her shoot in the eye, knee-jerk she takes back her head, but Luke’s vise grip you can not stand a chance.

“Relax, mustache, you know you have to because by”. “Luke, the pig,” Rory is thinking at the moment, has also met the young foals unexpectedly. But at the same time they can not look away, even if they do not want to be in the situation of the mother so she joins such a thing as women’s solidarity, as Luke her mother very clearly demonstrates the limits.

“Rotgut, we have stated in our youth,” Lorelai, meanwhile, thinks she is trying to control their breathing and breathe through your nose. They know they must participate, to Luke’s grip, it has no chance.

“The guys have also liked to have done that earlier and it has not changed.” But the harsh treatment is not without consequences for Lorelai, a renewed Safteinschuß reminds her that she has enjoyed the hard way many times.

Luke Lorelai fucks unconcerned in her mouth and pushes it again and again to her throat. Her long hair as he pulls her Fotzenmaul use reins over the entire shaft.

“Aargh, grrh” Lorelai choking, but now no longer working against Luke, but participate. You jerks her clit and snorts loudly in Luke’s tail.

“Yes, you jerk, bitch, I know that you need the hard way,” said Luke. Lorelai Luke looks from below, their bulging red eyes clearly show that this is not at the pace experienced woman unscathed.

Luke grins gleefully Lorelai’s tail again and slams hard into the throat. Lorelai holds his gaze, despite their subservient position they want to retain a shred of dignity.

Rory is again the turn of events surprised when she sees that her mother masturbates her plum. She looks exactly like the huge outflow juice dripping on the floor and smacking her mother’s cunt.

Rory also can hold back no longer, she pulls out the sopping thong and touches her wet pussy.

“Oh man, I’m wet, why do I always will be so wet. I run out. But on the other hand, “she thinks, licking it off her finger smeared,” I love my pussy juice, too. ” With relish, she tastes her own Fotzengeschmack and starts with two fingers into her tight pussy to fuck.

“Now, a thick tail like that of Dean, that would be cool.” Rory hopes that her mother does not hear the smacking noises and Luke. But they’re too busy with themselves.

Luke takes Lorelai Fickmund further over his shaft, her saliva running down his chin, he ignored her pleading eyes.

Then he releases his cock from her mouth and she gasps through violent, literally gasping for air.

“Wow you bastard, why do not you warn me before, but then I would have gone through” outraged Lorelai. Luke just laughs and says only, “it was just horny. And now lick my balls on, be nice and gentle baby.”

Lorelai sparkles through the eyes, but immediately begins to lick his rock hard eggs, goes to the area under the eggs and begins to lick the perineum.

“Further down” command of Luke and Lorelai what Luke knows now expected. Rory can not believe their eyes when their mother is now raising the asshole of leaking hatch and the asshole with a broad tongue. Luke moans loudly, twitching his tail and produced another Vorsperma.

Lorelai responds immediately and suck dry the acorn. Then she turns back to his asshole. Your tongue penetrates deeply and with fluttering tongue strokes, she umschlängelt his dark hole. Luke writhes under the tongue of an experienced Lecksau, which goes up again to the dam and the approach of the eggs to lick the asshole then beautiful again.

“Damn, what makes Mum for since” Rory groaned in my thoughts again and rammed her fingers into her cunt. “Asshole lick on, Mum’s seem to like it” thinks Rory and starts with his other hand to caress her tight Rosettchen.

Immediately the little hole and shrugs as Rory introduces her slender long middle finger, the ring of muscle struggles in vain. Up to half of the finger pushes the teen anal and moans on here.

Luke does not stop it, but Lorelai suspects what is happening there in their backs. Without further to make sure she licks Luke’s asshole deep and I know that this is over soon.

His moaning is choppy, its tail twitching, he pushes Lorelai’s mouth firmly on his asshole, who knows what he expects, then licks fast and deep.

Then he is ready to be “Now” tells Lorelai to flash her mouth to suck up and around the glans. Awaits the sperm cargo hatch and then roars like a bull to charge loads and shoots in Lorelai’s open mouth.

Rory and the rest is that the teen is groaning. Your hand is soaking wet, she licks them clean, not realizing that she has left a large Fotzensaftfleck on the floor. Quickly she wipes off her panties with the plum and disappears, to be identified out of fear.

Luke finds it difficult not to fall off the sofa in the face of mega-organization must still semen comes out of his tail, the whole area is now saturated with a mixture of Fotzengeruch, sweat and semen Lukes intense fragrance.

Lorelai swallows, the experienced woman knows how to swallow swallows cum without wasting a drop of such amounts, not once was their mouth is lonely by several men since her youth Lorelai for her life like swallows.

You can slide down the salty warm gooey slime her throat, she always starts with the tongue portions of the sperm in order to explore the taste, even if she has enjoyed many times Luke’s man juice. She inhales the smell of the sour flavor, it it shudders, jerks her cunt.

Lorelai is all woman now, she sees Luke in the eye and swallows demonstrative, he will see that she likes his sperm. Spicy, salty, intense, that are the results of semen sampling, which makes Lorelai.

Lorelai dismisses the tail, the glans licking tenderly and carefully clean and looks at Luke, the greed in their eyes.

Begs Lorelai to Luke “I’m so horny, please Luke, fuck my pussy through, please, I need it now.” Luke says only “bend over you over the back,” Lorelai jumps up and does what he says, brings in Fickposition and stretches out her tight ass.

Glad she looks expectantly over her shoulder at Luke’s horny dick, “Come on, I walk out.” He sits on the still hard cock, rubbing a few times through the damp cave, which leads to a loud groan from Lorelai.

“Give me your stick you finally common dog” barks the vivacious brunette, contrary to its current sires. This broad grins and enters Lorelai’s cunt.

“Are you close you sow” Luke moans and pushes his long cock up in Lorelai’s cunt. These groans out loud again.

With her hands she clutches at the back of the sofa at the beginning of Luke’s hard knocks to buck against. Your despite the many still very tight pussy fucking beatings Lukes surrounds like a glove, which makes this moaning loudly.

“You still have the hottest pussy Lorelai,” he yells out literally, feel Lorelai experienced cunt, which he milks normal. “Oh my God, aahh, yeah,” it comes from that when he comes up against her cervix, “you’re low” .

A long time is just the splash of body and Lorelai smacking cunt hear, because Luke announces his insemination. “Where do you want hinhaben’s Babe” he roars, clutching her hands in her ass.

“No Luke, not yet, I’m not ready yet, please take me with you, I will come.” Patronizing slows radiate hatch his thrusts, so as not to early and pulls Lorelai really about the entire shaft. He the thumb pressed against her wrinkled little asshole from seamless and sunk it.

“Aaargh, oh yes, fuck my asshole,” cries out Lorelai. With the other hand Luke takes Lorelai’s pussy and masturbates to the clitoris. Lorelai shrugs and fidgeting, but Luke goes on, as an experienced engraver, he knows what he brings to a woman’s scream .

Lorelai comes to the by now themselves announcing her orgasm, he felt her cunt twitch, it narrows, then Lorelai comes with a loud cry and splashing cunt yearned for the summit.

Luke takes this as an opportunity durchzuficken her cunt very hard and fast. He grabs her hips to not leave out the pussy pounding, get into it, already feeling the familiar pull in the waist, his balls are harder.

He pulls the cock out of her smacking plum, Lorelai knows what is expected of her now, too often it has been like at that moment now knelt before a man opened his mouth in anticipation of hot cargo.

She smells her own intense smell, its tail also smells very strongly of their plum. Luke grabs her head and roars on, then it releases the first full charge on Lorelai’s pretty face, the cum hits her mouth and chin.

The second shot hits her hair until Lorelai manages the twitching tail to take into the mouth to collect the rest of the splashes in the mouth. “Not you bitch swallow” she tells Luke, Lorelai, obey the otherwise rebellious wife is in such moments, downright submissive.

Has been injected as Luke presents him Lorelai’s sperm in her mouth with her fingers, wiping the cum from her face into her mouth opens wide it will wait until Luke gives her the sign.

“Swallow it now,” he asks Lorelai and swallows demonstrative, licking her lips, then she licks his cock clean.

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