A really bumpy road

It was early August. Sweltering heat. My mother, my Aunt Jenny and I were on our way to our house. We had Jenny’s little VW packed with all kinds of stuff, mainly food and clothing, because we wanted to stay there for two weeks. Since my father died a year ago, we were only three this time.

We used to always run with daddy’s station wagon, because we’ve put all that stuff without problems, but Jenny Lupo was a little smaller. The front passenger seat was occupied by a large package that had not go anywhere else fits. Do not ask me what was in it. The trunk was full anyway, and half the back seat as well. So we had a problem: two seats and three other people.

“Should I go?” I offered myself to the scramble to escape in the back seat. “No way,” Jenny laughed and patted her measly little car. “I’m driving.”

“I have probably put me on your lap,” said my mother, and sighed. “Well, so heavy you’re not,” I grinned, grabbed her by her slender waist and lifted her up. “55 pounds?” I asked appreciative. “53, and please let me down again,” Mom groaned. She saw with her 38 years as still a schoolgirl. Only that very few school girls a bust size of 75C and a shapely buttocks have so much.

So we squeezed in the back of the car. I first sat down and cursed, because my head is struck against the roof. Who builds just such a ridiculous little cars? Mom took on my lap. She wore only a thin summer dress, and I could see a thong and a bra underneath. Immediately, I felt her warmth between my legs.

They came not from the roof, because it is only 1.50 meters tall. Jenny grinned and took us back in the driver’s seat. After all, she pulled her seat forward a bit, so we had more space.

Off we went. The weak engine gasped and wheezed. The first 10 km it went through the city, then we came to a dirt road that would have required urgently, an asphalt roof. A pothole after another. Mom and Jenny were talking about some nonsense that I’ve forgotten smooth, given the subsequent events.

Thanks to the poor road my head a second time we crashed into the car roof, so I had to let myself sink into the seat a little deeper soon. I spread her legs a little further. Damn little car! Mama slipped a little lower on my lap. I should mention here that I was only wearing thin boxer shorts without underwear. In this heat, it was no different.

Through the rumble and the pressure from my mother’s ass cock got harder and harder. Embarrassing, embarrassing. Mama let on anything, but they certainly had to feel, as he pressed against her butt. We twitching sparkled a little further, and my cock was getting harder.

Mama suddenly changed their position and opened her legs a little. My cock was positioned right between her ass cheeks. He pressed against something soft. After brief reflection, I came to the conclusion that the well had to be their shame. Mom talked with Jenny continues, the mitbekam nothing of all this.

The Geruckel went on, and my cock was getting harder. As a particularly large pothole came, he slipped a small piece in her pussy! Although technically my shorts, her dress and her panties were in between, but with a condom there was nothing else. It did not change the fact that I just for a fraction of a second thickness in my pussy had been my mother.

Mom was suddenly quiet, but immediately started again, and went on talking with Jenny. She could not prevent it was damp. I could feel it.

This went on for some time. My cock Schubbert alert to the pussy of my mother. It was always damp. My riding position was so bad that my right leg was asleep. I had to sit down differently, so I lifted the bowl a little and slid on the seat back. Seconds later I felt my mother replied that her butt butt!

I tried it again timidly, and her response was immediate. So it happened that I was fucking dry so to speak! With shorts, dress and panties in between. For a while we did so forth, and I put my arms around her hips. She looked down at himself and looked at my hands that wandered on to her thighs. I took the hem of her dress and pushed it up slowly.

Become more courageous, I let my hand wander over her panties. I could see, not much, but I could feel that it was already soaked through properly. Jenny was just told on, and Mom moaned softly as I put my hand under the thong and her wet pussy felt.

I let my middle finger disappear into her column. My cock got even harder, although I would not have thought possible. This went nowhere. It must be possible to improve the situation a bit!

In a fit of courage I fumbled with the other hand between her legs after surgery of my shorts and pulled out my cock. Mama stared mesmerized them. She had not been well prepared for something big. The top was damp. Then I pushed with the hand that was still wet on her pussy, the thong aside.

Mom turned around halfway and looked me in the eyes. Her expression was a mixture of guilt and lust. She seemed to struggle with it.

I was not really her time to think long and sat on my whipping at their input. So we drove for a while until the next pothole came. He slipped into it about three inches, so that the glans was almost gone. That was the decision. Mama could be slipping deeper and took the entire 20 inches into itself!

I had never thought of my mother as a sex object, and now I wondered why. She was fantastic and had built a pussy like a 18 year old. Very narrow and terribly humid. We both gasped. Fortunately, the trip sounds loud enough to hide our activity on the back seat before Jenny.

We fucked on the backseat out most of the brain. As for me, it took less than a minute to everything I had into it splashed into my mother. She was far too soon, because after that I started to touch her clitoris with my fingers. “Oh God,” she gasped, as she came. “What?” Jenny asked by the driver’s seat and looked in the rearview mirror. “Oh nothing,” Mama said quickly. I’ve only just occurred to me that we need all the stuff here later dragged into the house. ”

Jenny was fortunately not the brightest. “You are indeed a great and strong son, who have been doing this.” Damn right. I continued to fuck my mother, for was a whack to the question. A few minutes later it happened again, and again I filled her hole with my seed.

A total of four times I came on this long journey, and how often Mama had come, I can not say exactly. She had eventually told Jenny that she was tired and had no desire to be entertained. So she sat with closed eyes on my cock and was inspired by my hand under her panties spoil.

Eventually we came to exist. What happened thereafter in the house, maybe I write in a possible sequel.

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